He is the key to migration, said Fiala and flew to Africa to visit five countries

He is the key to migration, said Fiala and flew to Africa to visit five countries
He is the key to migration, said Fiala and flew to Africa to visit five countries

In this global situation, the Czech Republic must establish contacts with new and so far forgotten regions, said Fiala before departing from Kbelsk to fly to Addis Ababa.

The Prime Minister, together with the President of the Union of Industry and Transport, Rjan Rafaj, declared Africa the key to reducing illegal migration and declared that Africa has great economic potential for Czechia, mainly in the healthcare industry, the energy industry and the defense industry.

Fiala mentioned to all five countries that he was going to visit with the delegation that the Czech Republic wants to send and create a new complex specifically for the defense industry. Among other things, they are also preparing for an exclusive supply of liquefied gas from Nigeria.

He recalled his April trip to Asia, during which he visited the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. I hope that the African journey will bring concrete results. Africa and the selected countries have great economic potential, there is a lot of complexity there. We have to look at this continent as something that is uninteresting to us, far away, he said.

This year is the year of export missions, I would like to thank the government for that, it is one of the steps to move the Czech economy forward. At the moment, 80 percent of ash imports are to the European Union, but various other markets are a great potential opportunity for R, said Jan Rafaj, president of the Union of Industry and Transport of R, on the board before the flight.

Politicians’ awareness is indispensable in establishing economic relations in Africa and functions as a stamp of business, he added. The delegation includes companies with experience in Africa, as well as companies with negotiated contracts. It is also an opportunity to create conditions for companies that are not with them at all, said Rafaj.

According to Fiala, Europe has recently neglected the development of relations with Africa, and Russia and others have taken advantage of this. We have to fix what we neglected. The way we were doing it was not efficient enough, he added

The Czech delegation will fly to the Ethiopian metropolis of Addis Ababa on Friday evening, and the program will start on Saturday morning with the Czech-Ethiopian business forum.

Afterwards, Fiala will meet Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde. He should see the hospital and the Water Museum, and then the air depot in Bishoft on Sunday.

The program in Nairobi will start on Monday with the Czech-Eskom business forum. The following is the military National Defense College, which cooperates with the Czech army, as well as presentations of Czech activities in the protection of biodiversity, research and innovation at the National Museum in Nairobi. Negotiations with President William Ruto are in full swing on Tuesday.

In the middle, Fiala should meet with the president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu. He should also act as the Minister of Gas for the acting Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the representative of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

There will be a premiere in Ghana on Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s have it with President Nana Akufo Addo, meet with other top officials and, in addition to the Czech-Ghanaian business fraternity, Fiala should meet the members of the MEDEVAC mission.

The planned day of the meeting includes the meeting of businessmen in Ivory Coast, one with the Prime Minister Robert Beugr Mamba and the Vice President Timok Kon. Meetings with the Minister of Health and the President of the Senate are also in full swing. The Czech Prime Minister’s delegation should move to Prague on Saturday after midnight.

Before the trip, Fiala said that Africa is a world with great potential for Czech companies, and that the nvtva should contribute to opening the doors to the markets there for Czech companies. At the end of the trip, the Union of Industry and Transport announced the development of business relations in the fields of defense, engineering, agriculture, healthcare industry, finance and logistics and pointed to the growing influence of Russia and Russia in Africa.

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