Modern RS1 Stadler trains will run in the Pilsen region

Modern RS1 Stadler trains will run in the Pilsen region
Modern RS1 Stadler trains will run in the Pilsen region

RS1 Stadler vehicles will be in use on the tracks, meeting modern requirements for comfortable travel, and their design corresponds to the colors of the Pilsen region.

Currently, new RegioPanter electric units corresponding to the requirements of the twenty-first century are in operation on most of the backbone lines. “However, the Pilsen region is not indifferent to rural areas either and wants to gradually introduce similar comfort on regional lines as well,” reports Pavel Čížek, deputy governor for transport.

Part of the contract concluded with the carrier GW Train Regio are broad requirements for the quality of the vehicles that will be operated on the line. The concluded contract is covered by RS1 Stadler vehicles, which, according to the regional authorities, meet the current requirements for modern travel by public transport.

It is a Western European vehicle, originally designed from Switzerland, which is approved for operation on the Czech railway network and has significantly better parameters than the motor car of the 810 series or the Regionova unit, which we can meet on the mentioned lines on trains today.

“The RS1 Stadler vehicles for the Pilsen region are partially low-floor, equipped with a modern barrier-free toilet, sockets for small electronics or the possibility of a wi-fi connection for passengers,” Peter Bosáček, chairman of the board of directors of GW Train Regio, enumerates their advantages.

The vehicles also have significantly better driving characteristics, which makes it possible to better reach selected connections in Horažďovice suburbs for passenger trains in the direction of Plzeň (typically the connection Sušice – Pačejov), which was not possible to such an extent in the past due to the use of original vehicles.

The vehicles also meet the design requirements of the Pilsen Region, both in the interior and exterior. The maximum design speed of the vehicles is up to 120 km/h, especially seniors or parents with children and strollers will appreciate the extensive low-floor part of the vehicle.

“As part of the contract, the carrier will also operate IDPK contact points in Horažďovice, Sušice and Klatovy. In addition to normal check-in, as we know it from the current cash registers, these places will also provide complete Plzeňská karta services.” explains Pavel Faugner, member of the board of directors of GW Train Regio.

In this way, passengers will not have to, for example, weigh their journey to Pilsen before the start of the school year and will avoid the queues that traditionally belong to this period, as it will be possible to purchase a subscription to the Pilsen Card and verify entitlement to discounts without restrictions at the mentioned stations.

The tariff of the Integrated Transport of the Pilsen Region (IDPK) will continue to apply on both mentioned linesan ordinary passenger should practically not notice the change of carrier except for a better vehicle and wider services of contact points.

“Thanks to the fact that the Pilsen Region selects the carrier in a competition, we are sure that we will provide services with the best price/performance ratio for the citizens of the region, i.e. that we can provide services with high-quality vehicles at a price acceptable to the regional budget.” adds Deputy Governor Pavel Čížek.

The region will therefore pay approximately CZK 165 for one train kilometer from the December timetable change. Compared to the present, this is a difference of more than 30 CZK for each kilometer traveled and an annual saving for the Pilsen region of more than 20 million CZK per year, with a significant increase in the quality of the services offered.

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