In Ostrava, women give birth on a special couch


“We managed to get a new product in the form of a maternity couch, which is supposed to support the woman more in assuming natural positions, thus increasing the chance of a normal birth and leading to higher satisfaction,” explained Šimetka, adding that the new product was donated to the clinic by the Nadační Foundation Propolis fund33.

A maternity couch took its place in one of the rooms, where it replaced the previous bed called a goat. “By not being a goat, it forces the woman into natural birthing positions, which are more vertical. That means standing, kneeling, on all fours or in some kind of footstep,” he explained, saying that it’s essentially a return to the roots.

“If we look at historical materials that show how births took place in the past, they mostly show women in a vertical position, often surrounded by other women helping them. However, we never see the supine position. And that across all continents,” pointed out the head of the clinic.

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Even though the maternity ward has only had the couch for a few days, according to Šimetka, the response is great. “We have had it for a short time and the women who have given birth with us have been six or seven so far, but they were satisfied and surprised. And there was also a very positive response from the staff and midwives. Therefore, after a week, we decided to order another couch, which will be in the second room, where it will again replace the classic goat,” he smiled.

Photo: Pavel Karban, Law

Demonstration of the position in which they are born on a special couch.

Thirty-five-year-old Lucie Kazderová was among the first mothers to try the maternity couch, who gave birth to her daughter Tina on it. “It was my third birth and the first on the couch. I see three advantages in it. Thanks to the more homely feel, I didn’t feel like I was in a hospital. The second is that I was able to give birth in a position that I think was more natural, and I suppose that also helped me to have no complications. And the third advantage is the subsequent bonding, when dad also got on the couch with us and we could enjoy two hours together,” described the mother, who only recommends giving birth on a special couch.

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