A vendor at the farmer’s market in Brno offered dangerous sausages


These were the unknown origin of the food, non-compliance with the temperatures of some of the products and failure to fulfill the obligation to protect the food from contamination from the external environment. Some of the products were moldy and there is also a suspicion of misuse of the protected food label.

“The inspected stall holder offered almost two dozen types of sausages, for which he did not provide proof of origin, the products were not properly labeled,” said SVS inspectors.

“In addition to the manufacturer, it was not possible to determine their shelf life, composition or storage conditions. These sausages were also not protected during sale against possible contamination from the external environment, as required by the legislation,” the inspectors added.

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Visible signs of mold

For almost forty kilograms of products, these were sausages, lard and crackers, the required temperatures set by the manufacturer, which is 0 to +7 °C, were not observed. The food was displayed in the stand at an outside temperature of +18 °C.

In the core of the offered sausages, the inspectors measured a temperature of +14.5 °C. In such a significant non-compliance with temperatures, pathogens may multiply and the health of the consumer may be at risk. Some of the sausages had visible signs of mold,” explained SVS spokesman Petr Vorlíček.

Some of the sausages were labeled with the name “čabaja”, which evokes the impression of Chabaja sausage. This traditional Hungarian product has had a protected geographical indication of the EU for many years.

Labeling products that do not meet the conditions for awarding the label in terms of composition, traditional production process and area of ​​origin is inadmissible and is misleading to the consumer.

Veterinary inspectors defaced the offered goods in quantities exceeding one meter by dyeing them and ordered their safe disposal in a sanitation company at the seller’s expense.

At the same time, he was ordered to suspend sales. Sellers in misdemeanor proceedings are threatened with a penalty of up to fifty million for the aforementioned violations.

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