What’s that flashing outside the windows? Unusual light signs in the subway are causing a stir


“My chin fell off while riding the subway. (…) The future is here!” wrote one of the users with the nickname Pozdní Adam on the social network X (formerly Twitter). On a short video, he captured an unknown light animation that always appears for a few seconds behind the subway windows. It informs about the next station at which the set will stop.

The signs did not escape the attention of many other passengers either. “I already saw it there a few weeks ago and wondered if I was hallucinating,” said user Kateřina in the comments under the aforementioned post.

“That’s great, I really like it,” commented commentator Ivan. However, others will find the new element disturbing and potentially unpleasant for people with neurological problems, for example. “Not much for the eyes, it flashes visibly, it’s so epileptic,” wrote Jakub.

Is it a hologram?

People are also speculating about what kind of technology it actually is and what it will actually be used for. According to some, these are holograms, others moderate this enthusiasm. “Can I spoil your joy? It’s not a hologram, just well-synchronized LED panels,” user Martin explained, and others agreed.

They already know similar animations from abroad, where they have been working for many years and it is a common thing. They saw them, for example, in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Beijing or Shanghai. It is supposed to be a series of projection units on the tunnel wall that are activated when the set passes through.

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Signs in the subway tunnels A

They are primarily used as an advertising carrier and could similarly be deployed in our metropolis. “They’re testing it on traffic information, they’re going to deploy it in heavy traffic for advertisements,” thought a commentator with the nickname Miky Dupré.

This theory is confirmed, for example, by the iDnes server, according to which the annual report of the Transport Company (DPP) from 2022 mentions the new system for displaying advertisements.

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Animations appear on the route between Dejvická and Bořislavka stations.

“In the subway tunnel between Dejvická and Bořislavka stations, a pilot installation of LED multimedia system (LMS) advertising panels has been started, which should ensure the projection of advertising spots through the windows of passing subway trains,” the media quoted from the report.

DPP does not want to disclose more detailed information about the innovation yet, according to the head of communications Daniel Šabík, “the technicians are still adjusting a number of technical details before the start of trial operation”.

He promises to reveal the details to the public next week together with the technology supplier.

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