He cut himself in the neck and wrists with a sheet metal. Only the police stopped his self-harm


/VIDEO/ Prague police officers saw a half-naked man with bleeding wounds on his hands and neck. When the patrol approached him, he became aggressive towards the officers, screamed unintelligibly and cut himself again with the tin in his hand.

The officers pacified the man who was self-harming.

| Video: Municipal Police Hl. city ​​of Prague

The incident took place at the bridge pillar in Türkova Street. The bloodied man appeared to be under the influence of drugs, behaved aggressively, ran around confused and threatened the officers. They called other colleagues and the emergency services for help and tried to verbally calm the man down.

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However, he started to self-harm again with the sheet metal. The officers therefore used tear gas and forced him to lie down on the ground, where they handcuffed him.

The men then administered first aid and stopped the bleeding on the hands and neck. Subsequently, the thirty-seven-year-old man was handed over to the rescuers, who treated him acutely and took him to the hospital.


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