“Specific decoration of the establishment.” The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of the Turkish owner of a kebab shop in Pilsen for signs about Jews


“The contents were comments on historical moments of the Jewish people and inscriptions criticizing world powers,” said Ivana Hostašová, head of the Pilsen public prosecutor’s office.

“Even though in the context of the time, it is a specific decoration of the establishment, it is not possible to find a prosecuted crime or other illegal act in such an action,” she added.

The owner of the Sultan Kebab fast food restaurant in Kopecky sady admitted to Novinka that he placed the signs at the entrance himself. Among other things, it says on them: “These Jews are the people who killed even the prophets like sheep.” For this reason God cursed them.”

The police charged the owner of a kebab shop in Pilsen who posted anti-Jewish signs

“Why wouldn’t I put them there?” asked the man. “It’s bad, those people are bad,” added Turek.

The police are also looking into his Facebook profile, because on it he shared videos supporting the terrorist movement Hamas. Among other things, a post about Ahmed Jasin, who was the co-founder and spiritual leader of Hamas.

In this context, Hostašová specified that the person in question was charged solely for the content of the signs pasted in the establishment. “Any other expression of his views was not related to the resolution to initiate criminal prosecution,” concluded the prosecutor.

Photo: Facebook

Anti-Jewish signs that appeared at the door of a Pilsen kebab shop.

Last week, the people of Pilsen drew the attention of Jiří Löwy, the chairman of the Pilsen Jewish community, who considered the inscriptions a provocation. “It can lead to a more militant group of Turks,” he added.

On October 7, Hamas launched a massive attack from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, killing 1,400 people, mostly civilians. He dragged over 220 people, including small children, to Gaza.

Israel attacked Gaza in retaliation, targeting terrorist positions. They continue to shell Israel. According to the Palestinians, there are thousands of victims.

The owner of a kebab shop in Pilsen shares videos in support of Hamas on Facebook

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