Another home game is here. Olomouc will face a strong newcomer at home


Kooperativa NBL is heading to the end of the first half of the regular season, and the next opponent of the BK Redstone Olomouc players will be Písek in the 10th round. The rookie of the top competition is still among the pleasant surprises and shows great performances. In the seven matches played, he won four times and managed to beat the champion Opava. The attractive duel will start tomorrow at 6 pm in Čajkaréna.

“The entry into the Písek season really worked out. The team has gotten very comfortable and it shows. He is successful in even endings, he always won his matches by a few points or with the last shot. This corresponds to the self-confidence of the players,” says Olomouc’s coach Andy Hipsher.

The South Bohemian rookie quite often practices all-area defense, uses doubling and alternates a large number of variants in defense. The young team, with an average age of around twenty-two, has revived the competition and is an unpleasant opponent for any opponent. “They play fast, they’re not afraid to shoot, they’re well-rounded,” Hipsher realizes.

Now we are mainly trying to regain the desire to play, says coach Zora from Olomouc

Vojtěch Sýkora and Martin Svoboda are playing in great form. Both are in the top five in the league in utility statistics, Sýkora leads the point guard table in the number of assisted assists. “Our defensive game plan will correspond to that, which we will have to execute in order to win. In addition, we understandably need to be productive in attack,” added the Hanák coach at the end.


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