Leader of the table in Olomouc! Pardubice Dynamo will arrive

Leader of the table in Olomouc! Pardubice Dynamo will arrive
Leader of the table in Olomouc! Pardubice Dynamo will arrive

Another Friday at 6pm = more home hockey. This simple equation is already engraved in the heads of Olomouc fans. This Friday, Dynamo Pardubice, probably the best team of this year, will come to the metal arena. Will Mora cope with the East Bohemian colossus?

More than enough has already been said about the quality of the Pardubice team, so only in brief. The club operating with a budget of 300 million crowns per year (which is twice as much as the defending champion from Třinec) used its financial possibilities to bring players of superior quality to the Czech Extraliga. Dynamo score an average of 3.88 goals per game and only concede 2.31. In both of these statistics, he is in second place right behind Litvínov and Sparta Praha respectively.

Six players from Pardubice will play in the national team next week. In the Czech forward Lukáš Sedlák with defenders Tomáš Dvořák and Jan Košťálk, forward Matej Paulovič and defenders Martin Bučko and Peter Čerešňák will play for Slovakia in the German Cup. The six players are more than a quarter of the regular squad and it is also a great example of what Olomouc will be up against in the Extraliga.

However, even Hanács can boast representatives. No one from Olomouc made it to the Czech selection (except for Jakub Galvas, who works in Sweden), but Silvester Kusko will go to the Slovak one, and Rok Macuh will strengthen the Slovenian team at the tournament in Hungary.

Let’s go back to Extraliga. The Hanáci seem to have definitively overcome the offensive crisis, scoring five goals in each of the last two games. It was enough for three points against Český Budějovice, and only two points last time in Karlovy Vary. Jiří Ondrušek played over 22 minutes in the west of Bohemia. The captain of the Roosters is still waiting for the first goal this season, which the fans are not used to in recent years. After the thirty-seven-year-old veteran, others, such as Dalibor Řezníček or Jakub Sirota, took over the offensive role and scoring productivity.

However, it will be necessary to defend against Pardubice. Can Mora from Olomouc handle it?

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