Road drivers in the capital are not caught off guard by winter. They have spreaders and plows ready

Road drivers in the capital are not caught off guard by winter. They have spreaders and plows ready
Road drivers in the capital are not caught off guard by winter. They have spreaders and plows ready

We are ready and the snow will not surprise us, reports the Technical Administration of Communications. She takes care of the maintenance of roads and sidewalks in the metropolis. Although the unusually warm autumn weather outside is still prevalent, they already have a winter maintenance plan ready. This winter, the Road Administration will be responsible for the maintenance of over two thousand kilometers of roads.

Prague roads whose passability falls under winter maintenance are divided into three basic orders according to their importance. Maintenance on Class I roads will be provided by 73 spreaders, who will always go out with a plow. Another 50 smaller machines are ready for communications II. and III. order. “One spreader is still available for operational intervention for the integrated rescue system, and if necessary, the supplier also has two snow blowers available,” says Barbora Lišková, spokeswoman for the Communications Administration.

The traffic administration will also ensure the cleaning of sidewalks, public transport stops and other places important for the operation of the metropolis, which is 1,734 kilometers long. A novelty in the removal of snow from the sidewalks will be the deployment of 80 multifunctional vehicles that will clean non-motorized roads. In case of heavy snowfall, they will work in two shifts, i.e. from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. “Dozens of hand brushes, plows and cutters will also be used,” added Lišková.

The consumption of 24,000 tons of salt and 2,000 tons of so-called brine is expected to be used for sprinkling roads. Sand or grit will be available for sprinkling the sidewalks, the use of cinders or ash is prohibited. “A unique automatic anti-icing system is also available. This device is located in roadways at six locations in Prague. In the case of low temperatures, it warns of the possibility of ice formation and then automatically starts spraying at risk locations,” explains the spokesperson.

Over a thousand workers are ready for the snow in the metropolis. “A total of 874 workers will be prepared, who will be divided into the mode of ensuring the removal of snow and ice or substitute work, such as cleaning bridges and other objects,” he adds. If there is no snow, they will certainly not be idle, the liquidation of overgrown greenery, weeds and black dumps awaits them. Including raking fallen leaves. In addition, the administration has over 250 workers for specialist work, such as drainage repairs, maintenance of traffic signs, carrying out a wide range of gardening works, road repairs, pavement paving. “These workers will be used operationally as part of winter maintenance,” says the spokesperson. If the coming winter is mild, cleaning the roads will cost Prague around 720.35 million crowns, the exact amount will depend on the weather.


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