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On Thursday, November 2, the opening of the academic painter Pavel Vavrys was held in the Vinotéka Galeria Hess, Na Roudné 59, Plzeň.

Many of the artist’s friends, admirers and art lovers from the public did not miss the opening of the exhibition. His family also participated, led by his son, the painter Martin Vavrys, who exhibited his art in the gallery on Roudná in April.

Pavel Vavrys belongs to the generation of visual artists formed in the mid-1970s. At the exhibition in the Hess Gallery, the author presents a selection of works from some of his pictorial cycles.

The cycle entitled Czech Memory is represented in the gallery by a collection of paintings in which thematic fragments return to the great moments of history from the creation of our independent state to the present day. He also exhibits works from the Goodbye Old Times or In the Middle of Life series here.

Traditionally, exhibition curator Zdena Benešová gave a friendly opening speech at the Hess Gallery Vinotéka. The artistic evening was highlighted by a musical performance by the students of the Sokolovská and Lobzy ZUŠ.

Academic painter Pavel Vavrys was introduced to those present by his daughter-in-law Markéta Vavrysová. She mentioned that his work is characterized by leaning towards the classical values ​​of painting, that he respects the value of craftsmanship, which has the same equivalent in the spiritual content of the painting. She recalled that since 1975, Pavel Vavrys had organized more than 100 individual exhibitions at home and abroad.

Now his paintings can be seen in Pilsen on Roudná.

“I would like to thank the Hess Gallery for the opportunity to exhibit in this beautiful space, I believe it will not be the last time we meet here” said Pavel Vavrys, who had an unusual gold medallion around his neck. “It is the Golden Palette that I value immensely. This is an award I won at the 14th International Painting Festival in Cagnes-sur-Mer, South of France in 1982,” he explained to those present.

Pavel Vavrys with his son Martin Vavrys.

After the official part of the opening ceremony, visitors had the opportunity to view the exhibited paintings and talk to the artist with a glass of delicious wine. The early evening at the Hess Gallery was traditionally pleasant and artistically enriching.

Do not hesitate, set aside some time and go see the works of Pavel Vavrys at Vinotéka Galerie Hess, Na Roudné 59, Plzeň. The exhibition of paintings will be on display until November 30.

Photo by QAP

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