When I hit, it is my joy to hear the Norwegian stopper Antonovics grin


He usually prevents goals, but in the match of the 13th round of the regional championship against Slavoja Mýto, he was transformed into the role of a scorer. With his intervention in the 88th minute of the match, he secured a valuable 2:1 victory for his team. Thanks to this, the 38-year-old Nýrsk football defender Andrei Antonovics was selected for the best player of the round poll, and he eventually won. It was decided by Deník readers, who gave 1,027 votes to the experienced stopper. Dominik Tříska from the Petřín reserve team received 910 votes.

Footballer Andrei Antonovics.

| Photo: Diary/Martin Mangl

“I was a little surprised by the nomination, but when I got there, I thought to myself poll I have to win, which I did and I’m happy about it. I don’t like to lose in anything,” confessed Andrei Antonovics, who won the game for the second time this season. However, his first hit in the match at Chotíkov (at the beginning of October) did not bring the team any points. But this one, yes. And all three at once.

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Let’s go back to the weekend match against Slavoja Mýto, which took place on artificial grass in Domažlice and under artificial lights. What was the match like?
Well… he wasn’t easy. We were losing from the 4th minute, so you could see that the conceded goal threw us off and in the first half we were more searching on the field. But the coaches spoke strongly to us during the break, we were better in the second half and deservedly won. And what about the artist and the lighting? I don’t know about the guys, but I’m good at being an artist and I don’t mind the light either.

Football player Andrei Antonovics (in red jersey) in the match against Holýšov.Source: Jindřich Jager

You lost to Mýto, but managed to turn the score around. How did you feel when the ball from your boot went into the net moments before the end?
It was an important goal that ultimately meant three points. I personally don’t score many goals, but when I do score, my joy is heard (laughs).

Do you remember how many goals in one season you scored the most in your career?
I play in defense, so I don’t really score many goals, but the most I scored was about five.

Did you even know that you were nominated in the Deník poll?
I only found out when my teammate and best friend sent it to our ogling group (smile).

Footballer Andrei Antonovics.Andrei Antonovich.Source: Aneta Kalivodová

Do you know who voted for you the most?
First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their votes. I think everyone who knows me voted. At least I hope so (laughs). But I know that my girlfriend and her family voted the most, for that I thank them very much.

Will victory cost you anything? I suppose the cashier is already shaking…
I honestly think it will be quite expensive. So I’ll definitely have to put some money into the cash register (laughs).

In the penultimate autumn round, you host Zruč at home. What match are you waiting for?
I know I do Skills he is not doing very well in the fall, it will certainly not be an easy match. But I believe that we will beat the opponent and the points will stay at home.

Already on Saturday, the players of SK Klatovy 1898 will start the spring part of FORTUNA division A. How does team captain Milan Mészáros see it?

I believe we will succeed. We have nothing else to do, says Captain Mészáros

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