You are a fool and a vile person, Okamura attacked the defense minister over Israel

You are a fool and a vile person, Okamura attacked the defense minister over Israel
You are a fool and a vile person, Okamura attacked the defense minister over Israel

A seemingly peaceful Friday morning in the House of Commons, when MPs were debating energy prices, quickly turned into a sharp exchange of views on a completely different topic. SPD Chairman Tomio Okamura called Defense Minister Jana Černochová a “disgusting person” and a security risk. Other MPs stood up for her and pounded the benches in disapproval. People accused him of friendship with the German extreme right.

At the beginning of the sharp exchange of views was the appearance of SPD leader Tomio Okamura, who traditionally spoke about things unrelated to the meeting agenda and attacked the government parties. He called Lidovce a treasonous party due to the fact that its representatives go to the assemblies of the Sudeten Germans. He also called for the Czech Republic not to give a single crown to support Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

The chairman of the People’s Club, Aleš Dufek, first spoke out against his words, who described how dozens of people were waiting in front of the center for refugees in Prague. “I would like to recommend the chairman of the SPD that, before he floods us with such negations, he goes to the contact center and tells each of those 50 people in their faces that they don’t give a penny to Ukrainians,” said Dufek.

But the most emotional argument broke out over the Minister of Defense Jana Černochová (ODS), who received criticism this week for calling for the Czech Republic to leave the UN. She was reacting to a vote in which only 14 countries of the world, including the Czech Republic, supported Israel in one part of the resolution. Because of this, Okamura called on the minister to resign.

Černochová explained her position by saying that she is frightened by the wave of anti-Semitism that arose after the attack of Islamic terrorists on Israel. “Anti-Semitism, Mr. Okamura, is once again spreading throughout the world, including the United Nations. I have often wondered how the world could not believe the horrors of the concentration camps, why it took so long for the survivors of the prisoners at the end of the war to be freed. But apparently, when you here I’m listening, so it’s not that hard to believe,” she said.

But Okamura vehemently objected to this, according to him, the SPD supported Israel in all important matters. “We are all here against anti-Semitism. We have all condemned the terrorist attacks and you are here desperately looking for excuses for your stupid and complete failure when you said that the Czech Republic should withdraw from the UN. We demand your removal from office,” he said, calling the minister security risk.

“You probably don’t even know which one is beating, or you’re in some kind of delirium that you’re probably not watching it. You’ve gone completely crazy. You’re crazy,” he fumed. Not even the warning of the chairwoman of the meeting, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, who urged him to use milder words, helped. “No! What this person, Minister of Defense Černochová, is showing here, that she is playing some anti-Semitic note here, despite the fact that we all condemned it here, that’s disgusting! That’s disgusting! You’re a normally disgusting person,” Okamura continued to address the minister .

You are friends with extremists

Černochová has already remained on the bench, she was defended by the People’s Deputy Jan Bartošek. “Your behavior towards Minister Černochová is not suitable even as a member of parliament, let alone as a woman. So I will answer you with a classic Czech proverb: A rough patch for a rough bag. You are a disgusting person,” he declared.

Bartošek then explained that the mistrust of the SPD’s pro-Israel positions may stem from the fact that Okamura’s movement is friends with the German party AfD. “Just so you know who you’re messing with: The police arrested an AfD MP, they found a swastika on him, neighbors heard ‘Sieg Heil’ and this person is currently being prosecuted and charged for hate speech against another population group,” he chided Okamura. “And if you are friends with the AfD, then I tell you that you are a disgusting person,” he added.

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