Art dolls and teddy bears. The lantern hosts an international exhibition


/VIDEO, PHOTO GALLERY/ The traditional exhibition of artistic dolls, puppets and teddy bears started in Prague’s Lucerna on Friday, November 3. The exhibition will last until Sunday, November 5 and this year will present more than a hundred artists from all over the world.

International exhibition of professional artistic dolls, puppets and teddy bears in Lucerne.

| Video: Diary/Radek Cihla

In addition to individual exhibitions of artists, two special projects are included. “One of the world’s leading artists and a member of the American association NIADA, Anna Zueva from Lithuania, brought her exceptional project called Mystic Garden to the exhibition. This is an important exhibition, which consists not only of artistic dolls, let yourself be surprised!,” invites its director, Mrs. Bohdana Klátilová, to the exhibition.

Día de los Muertos. They celebrated the Day of the Dead, the Mexican way, in the Holešovice market

In addition to the best of doll art, which is admired not only by fans, but also by collectors, Luda Bezusko from Poland is also presenting her project at this year’s event, who is presenting her project inspired by tarot cards. The exhibition presents a collection of 15 textile figures. Each symbolizes one of the Major Arcana Tarot cards. This unique project combines art and magical elements, creating a world of wonder and wisdom.

The exhibition entitled Princess Sakura was brought all the way from Japan by the art school of Professor Kyou Ohtake and will thus present the world of Japanese traditions and fairy tales.

Manufacturers of typical collectible teddy bears and puppeteers from all over the world will be presented at the exhibition, e.g. from the USA, Germany, Israel, France and Holland, which also belong to the collecting superpowers.

Source: Diary/Radek Cihla

The program also includes art courses for amateurs, modeling presentations by representatives of the American Institute of Doll Art (NIADA) and an art competition, including the children’s category of the Doll Prague 2023 art competition.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot for 220 crowns, children under 6 years of age are admitted for free.


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