PHOTO: We are crazy, it is hard to find reinforcements, says the Rams coach. He wants to win the 2nd league


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The Ústí Berani and the Kadaň Panthers met each other in the hockey-ball Czech Cup, i.e. teams that meet in the 2nd league. The Rams made their way to the next cup stage, having better managed individual raids. “But it was terrible until the third period brought some parameters. We took it more like training,” said Petr Kotlík, the coach of the winners, honestly after the 4:3 win.

Berani Ústí – Kadaň

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The winning run was given by Filip Novotný, whom Kotlík praised. “He is a reinforcement for us. He is one of two or three young people who have joined us and are doing well. We rely on him. And also for goalkeeper Jan Kostovič.”

Otherwise, however, the Rams coach did not have nice words for his charges. “I lacked more commitment, combativeness and taste. It’s not just that it was a cup, which is a competition that isn’t taken as a league. The problem is generally in the head, in its setting.”

Beer veterans - SK Dubí B (black jerseys)

PHOTO: Beer veterans do not belong to old iron. They beat Béčko Dubí 7:3

It is said that the Ústí team has no ambitions in the cup competition, but would like to succeed in the 2nd league. “We want to win this competition. In the cup, we go step by step and treat it more like training, because we don’t train otherwise.”

Petr Kotlík has already mentioned new reinforcements, manager and player Stanislav Tauš is said to be luring them into the squad. “He’s in charge. By the way, he didn’t make it to the cup, we don’t even know where he is,” laughed the Ústí coach. “But it’s hard for him because nobody wants to come to us, because we’re crazy,” added Kotlík.

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