There will be a second Most-pole in Most. Another exhibition object is already located by the lake

There will be a second Most-pole in Most. Another exhibition object is already located by the lake
There will be a second Most-pole in Most. Another exhibition object is already located by the lake

Ideally, he would like to finish the sculpture this year before it gets too cold, but he is more likely to see it for next year. According to him, it is a lengthy process that also includes crane work or painting, which can take several weeks.

Stick bridge 2 will differ from the seated “one” in the representation of movement. “It will look as if the person already sitting at Central stood up and gradually started to go shopping. But it will be more his child, because he is four meters tall and not eight meters tall,” said the author, who, in addition to creating large figures, became famous as the coach of the Olympic snowboard cross champion Eva Adamczyková (Samková). The second sculpture commissioned for Central is again made from construction iron roxor in the shape of red cubes. “They have to play it together. When you make sculptures that are close to each other, you can’t make them completely different. That would be beaten,” explained the sculptor, whose concept had a positive response from the investor.

Pole-bridge at Central

The first bridge sculpture by Fleišar was ceremonially unveiled near Central in the middle of July this year. The artistic landmark on the cafe terrace between Budovatelů avenue and Radniční street has caused conflicting reactions on social networks. Part of the public appreciated the beautification of the city center, the more critical part did not see any art in the statue. Fleishar then responded that each art evokes different emotions and constructive critical opinions are beneficial because they reveal a different point of view. The sculptor gives time to everything.

Another unusual object that recently appeared in public space is an artifact from the second half of the 20th century. This is a special rail structure along which the dean’s temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Most moved in a unique way 48 years ago. The technical rarity was donated to the city by the Sev.en Česká energie group, which mines coal in the ČSA and Vršany quarries in the vicinity of Most. A fragment of the track structure is located on a hill near Lake Most, where an alley was previously created on the original floor plan of the church. Tracks inserted after landscaping between the alley and the church indicate the direction in which the temple was moved. “Coincidentally, this is the same part of the track bed that can be clearly seen in period photographs,” said Petr Lenc, CEO of mining companies.

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Work on the installation of the structure was already underway in August so that it would be in its new location in September, at the time of the anniversary of the start of the movement of the church, which is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the transport of the heaviest object on rails. Near the exposed torso of the dormitories, there is an information panel The Path of the Church, which, through photos and text, brings visitors closer to the relocation of an important historical monument.

The transfer lasted from September 30 to October 27, 1975. The Gothic building weighing 12,000 tons had to be reinforced with a steel structure and moved on four tracks using 53 special carts. The load was pushed from the back and braked from the front by hydraulic cylinders and spirit levels, and electronic sensors monitored all movements and deviations during the transfer. The church eventually covered a route over 841 meters long at an average speed of about two centimeters per minute and landed on new foundations near the Baroque hospital, where it still stands today. The church was reopened 35 years ago, on November 4, 1988, but restoration work in the interior was still ongoing at that time. The church was rededicated in 1993. Now its tours are closed and will reopen to the public in the spring.

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