The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller in Pilsen due to anti-Jewish texts

The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller in Pilsen due to anti-Jewish texts
The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller in Pilsen due to anti-Jewish texts

Plzeň – The public prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a 35-year-old foreigner, whom the police accused of defaming a nation, race, ethnic group or other group of people due to hanging a poster with anti-Jewish text in a kebab restaurant in the center of Pilsen. According to him, even if it is a specific “decoration” of the establishment in the context of the time, no criminal offense according to the criminal code can be found in the man’s actions. Deputy District Attorney Ivana Hostašová announced this on the website today. According to the Jewish community, the verdict is not a good sign, according to the chairman of the Pilsen Jewish community Jiří Löwy, the prosecution could deter others from similar manifestations.

According to Hostašová, the pasted posters commented on historical moments of the Jewish people and contained inscriptions criticizing world powers. At the same time, Hostašová specified that the man was charged exclusively for posting his opinions in the establishment, no other expressions of his opinions were covered by the resolution to initiate criminal prosecution.

“I’m not excited about it. There was an opportunity to do ‘tyty’ in this case, this is not done here. When the state that should be watching it says it’s not a crime, it’s not a good sign. Let’s hope it dies down, that it was a single cry and the others will not join in, perhaps,” Löwy, who filed the report with the police, told ČTK today. According to Löwy, the prosecution of the kebab seller could intimidate others who would like to act in a similar way. “Others who are afraid that they have violated something and that they can be deported, they can take it and, according to him (the kebab seller), they can write some aggressive calls because they will know that they will not be affected for it,” he said.

According to Löwy, none of the other kebab sellers, Muslims or Turks who live in Pilsen have yet joined the foreigner accused by the police. “I don’t know about anything like that, rather the opposite, because for example the sellers next to the synagogue told me that they are all unhappy about it and that they are keeping their fingers crossed for us,” he said.

The police announced the man’s accusation on the network a week ago The seller who put up the poster made no secret of his negative opinion of Israel. A man told ČTK last week that he does not consider the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, whose members killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, to be evil during the attack on Israel on October 7.

“These Jews are the people who killed even the prophets like sheep. For this reason, God cursed them. These Jews are the ones who call the pure Virgin Mary, praised by God, unchaste. These Jews are the ones who want to kill the prophet Jesus,” it said three colored sheets of paper pasted first at the entrance to the snack bar, later the man moved them inside. The poster was displayed for several days. He was subsequently confiscated and taken away by the police when they began to deal with the matter based on the report.

On October 7, Hamas caught Israel by surprise with a massive attack from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, where, according to Israeli authorities, it killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and dragged over 220 people back to Gaza. Israel has been carrying out airstrikes ever since. According to the Palestinian Authority, over 9,000 Palestinians, including approximately 3,800 children, have died in Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this war.

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