He had to celebrate the four hundred with a debacle and is worried. I don’t know what happened, she shakes her head


Olomouc hockey forward Pavel Musil probably imagined the jubilee differently. Against Pardubice, he played his 400th match in the extra league, but had to bite the bullet in a 1:5 defeat. In addition, he is struggling with shooting, he has not yet scored a goal in the season and he only starts for Hané in the fourth formation.

Atmosphere at the match HC Olomouc – HC Dynamo Pardubice

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You probably imagined the celebration of match number 400 differently, huh?

To tell the truth, I only found out after the match when I looked at my mobile phone and there were a few text messages. Even if I had known before, nothing would have changed. We’re happy for the number and of course if it was a win… We wrestled with them for two thirds, then they slowly took over the reins and we opened it up and this is how the experienced team converted the chances offered.

When you look back, what do you remember?

Probably when we played with Tomáš Hyka and Radan Lenec in Mladá Boleslav and we all got into the national team. That was a beautiful time. Then also when I came to Olomouc for the first time. I also remember Pilsen, unfortunately it didn’t work out at all health-wise. I take positive things, but the last two, three, maybe four years, there are more negatives than positives. But I still love the sport and I will fight as long as I can.

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You personally are struggling, you only have one assistance, how do you perceive it?

I perceive it as stupid. Nothing can be done. The preparation was decent. The first five, six matches also endured some parameters. Then I don’t know what happened, I started to suffer from it mentally and physically. I have to work hard and tell myself in more minutes.

What about improving performance?

If anyone knows this, let me know and I’ll do it (smile). The only thing is that I can do everything in training at 100 percent and add to it. Either it will turn around and if it doesn’t, I’ll tell myself that I did everything for it.

Is the result cruel?

I don’t know, we have to respect the strength of the opponent. We opened it up, wanting to cut it to 2-3, but instead we offered them a two-on-one renumbering and they converted. We wanted to reduce and decided. It was already after the match.

But Pardubice scored goals that they just threw at the goal. How was the match mentally?

It was a tough match. We knew that they would throw it in the goal, they have skilled defenders and they always have two players around the goal. Such goals are scored. We can learn from it and do it too. Telling yourself how easy it is. When we tried to do it, the defenders took us on a pitchfork and pushed us two meters outside. As attackers, we were not at the goal like those from Pardubice. But I certainly wouldn’t call it that they slapped it. Rather, it was rehearsed.

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Were Pardubice better prepared for the match or did their experience win?

Pardubice has one of the best teams by the standards of the extra league. There are a couple of players out there who transcend the competition. They have great quality. Still, they play this style, they don’t go to play hockey, everyone knows what to do. We also tried to go to the goal, but they were more experienced. He knows half a second earlier when to go to a player, when to push him away, when to go in front of him, when to block a shot. It was a great school for the young guys, they saw good players and the direction hockey is going.

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