Goodbye temptation. Customs officials took away dozens of confiscated vending machines for scrap


Fifty winning and gaming machines worth two million crowns ended up in scrap. These were devices confiscated by the Customs Administration in the Ústí Region. Even more are waiting in secure warehouses.

Customs officers had fifty gaming and winning machines destroyed.

| Photo: Customs Administration

The so-called quiz machines ended up in one of the companies dealing with ecological disposal in the past few days. Also with keys and other accessories. Their operators did not have permission for them.

“Customs officers, as a supervisory authority, seized these devices in previous years during control activities focused on compliance with the Gambling Act. The machines were operated without the relevant permission of the Ministry of Finance, i.e. illegally,” explained Jiří Nejedlý, spokesman for the Customs Office for the Ústí Region.

A thief with the soul of a boy. He stole the machine for two million, then played with it in the forest

The customs officers transferred the winning and gaming devices from the warehouse to the company for recycling metal waste. There, workers under their supervision mechanically degraded them, disassembled them into individual components and processed them as electrical waste. “The stock value of liquidated technical equipment was set at almost two million crowns. Another 88 gaming devices are still stored in the warehouse of the customs office,” added the spokesperson.

The physical disposal of these devices is the last step in the fight against illegal gambling. The initial stage is the seizure of gaming devices, money and things that are used for illegal gambling. The next stage is the decision to forfeit or prevent the matter and the decision on the amount of the fine as part of the so-called administrative penalty. The last stage is the actual liquidation of the gaming machines, after the decision to confiscate or prevent the thing has become legal.


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