Regional championship on VIDEO! See round 13 action and goals

Regional championship on VIDEO! See round 13 action and goals
Regional championship on VIDEO! See round 13 action and goals

In cooperation with the Regional Football Association in Olomouc, the Regional Newspaper brings you exclusive clips of the duels of the PB SCOM regional championship. See what happened on the pitches in the matches of round 13.

The round goal poll is in progress on the Facebook page of the Olomouc Regional Football Association.

Dolany – Postřelmov 1:3 (1:2)

Source: Youtube

The footballers from Postřelmov won three important points on the Dolan pitch. The home team did manage to score the first goal when Aleš Foukal finished successfully in the 13th minute, but after that only Postřelmov were in charge. Pavel Matura equalized for the guests in the 16th minute, and Jan Nimrichtr punished the home team’s hesitation in the passing game in the next quarter of an hour. The same player added an insurance hit five minutes before the end after a corner kick and the three points went to Šumpersko.

Lipová – Mohelnice 3:2 (1:1)

Source: Youtube

In the 20th minute of the match against Mohelnica, the footballers in Lipová scored from a corner kick, the first goal was scored by Tomáš Hrušák. Twelve minutes later, Ondřej Brulík leveled the game. The struggle for the result continued even after the break. Dominik Bokůvka put the home team in the lead in the 66th minute, but Mohelničtí reacted quickly and in ten minutes the result was tied again. In the end, the winning shot came in favor of the home team, Metoděj Vraj made Lipová’s team happy five minutes before the end.

Zábřeh – Brodek u Přerov 1:1 (1:1)

Source: Youtube

In the opening twenty-five minutes, all the goals scored in the match between Zábřeh and Brodek u Přerov fit. The visitors from Přerovsk were the first to celebrate in the 19th minute, when Matěj Kytlica fired hard and accurately from behind the goal. However, their narrow lead did not last long, as the referee on the other side immediately awarded a penalty, which was converted by the home team’s Miroslav Podhorný. In the rest of the match, neither team took advantage of their chances and the duel ended in a draw.

Čechovice – Želatovice 2:6 (1:2)

Source: Youtube

Čechovice entered the match against the visiting team from Želatovice with hope, but in the end they suffered a heavy defeat. In the 12th minute, home Filip Halouzka ran to the center and unerringly directed the ball into the net. Before the break, however, the visitors responded with goals from David Zezulka and Robin Zehnálek. After the break, the shooting show of the strong offensive of Želatovic continued and in the end the visitors led by five goals. In the 89th minute, Tomáš Novák of the home team ensured the cosmetic adjustment of the result.

Velké Losiny – Medlov 1:2 (1:1)

Source: Youtube

The exciting battle was watched by football fans in Velké Losiny, where the leader of the regional championship from Medlov arrived. The home side were not intimidated by the challenges and rejoiced at the first goal, opening the game in the 30th minute with a precise shot.

Filip Mátl scores in the minute. Medlov managed to equalize before the break, Patrik Kasal made no mistake from the penalty spot. The second half offered a number of opportunities, the decisive moment came in the 65th minute. After the corner kick, the ball reached the back post, where Filip Habáň knew how to do it and secured another important win for Medlov.

Bělotín – Litovel 3:1 (3:1)

Source: Youtube

The battle between two teams from opposite poles of the table was played in Bělotín, the challenger to the home favorites was the team of Litovle. The Bělotín team made a strong move to win in the opening ten minutes. Jakub Marek made the fans happy in the 2nd minute, and six minutes later Patrik Sencovici improved the score from the home team’s point of view. In the 27th minute, Bělotín already led by three, when Pavel Šišlák beat Litovla goalkeeper Pavel Šišlák with a shot from the middle distance. The guests managed to reduce, Jáchym Fidler scored a header shortly before the break. In the second half, the onslaught of the home team continued, but they could not overcome the Tatra goalkeeper.

Rapotín – Konice 3:3 (3:1)

Source: Youtube

An attractive shootout was offered by the match in Rapotín, the Konice team went to Šumpersko. The first half went better for the home team. Two goals were scored by Jiří Ševčík, who was seconded by Kamil Svačinka with one hit. Rapotín Jiří Jašíček reduced the lead for the guests. The same player then got his manchaft within range in the 63rd minute. The home side didn’t take advantage of a big chance to bounce back in the end, and it backfired on them in the end. Jiří Jašíček completed a hat trick in the 88th minute, his third hit thus meant a 3:3 draw and a division of points.

Určice – Bohuňovice 1:0 (1:0)

Source: Youtube

In the opening phase of the match Určice stopped the great chances of the visitors from Bohuňovice and the score changed only in the 34th minute. Jiří Horák converted the penalty kick in favor of the home team. While the guests tried to equalize, Určice tried to bounce back. However, the football fans did not see another goal and the home team rejoiced at a narrow but important victory.

The round goal poll is on Facebook page of the Olomouc Regional Football Association.

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