Devastation of two residential streets in Pilsen, the city hall plans to send hunters to them

Devastation of two residential streets in Pilsen, the city hall plans to send hunters to them
Devastation of two residential streets in Pilsen, the city hall plans to send hunters to them

So far, the city has tried to solve the problem in cooperation with hunting organizations or using electronic payrolls in the parks. It pays nothing but loses business because the guest has gotten used to it.

Wild animals start to appear in the autumn in the inhabited streets of the town. For food, I look to black dumps or neglected plots of land. The wild animal most often appears in Bolevec, Borsk Park, Bl Hoe, Doubravka, Roudn, Vale, Sylvn, around Chlum, Mikulka or the Lochotn Faculty Hospital. We are therefore appealing to the owners of the land to maintain the foothills in their gardens, pointed out the safety councilor Ji Winkelhfer.

According to the deputy mayor for the environment, Alee Tolar, wildlife problems are not only caused by municipalities, but also by owners of private land. It is necessary that the owners, in particular, take care of their plots and gardens, thoroughly secure them and dispose of bio-waste in clean containers, or use yard collection services. Without their cooperation, the situation cannot be completely avoided, he points out.

Savages lick what the city offers them

Karel Mako from the Animal Rescue Station notes that wild pigs have adapted to the environment and use what people in the city offer them. Piles around garden colonies, family houses and residential buildings, thrown fruit, trees, cut trees. That in Vol. In the unhealed, overgrown gardens and undergrowth, they are supposed to crawl and hide, Mako explains.

The representatives of the city want to negotiate with the hunting associations in order to reduce the conditions of black animals in the neighboring hunting grounds. The mayor of the city considered it so, that he founded his own group of stilts on non-disgraceful lands.

Whether it will bring about a good result, uke as. Hunting has its own rules and cannot be implemented. Therefore, it is rather difficult to reduce the population of wild pigs by hunting, said the head of the security department of the municipality of Ale Pra. He mentioned that hunting wild animals in areas where a lot of people move should be dangerous.

What kind of people would the urban group of stars be composed of and how would it function? Marek Ks from the Department of the Environment said that these would be people who, if necessary, would be authorized to hunt on non-violent lands. They would have to be hunters of hunting tricks who have hunting experience and will be willing to carry out such an activity, said Ks.

down Vejprnickho potok and Borsk park

According to him, there are enough such people in city organizations. He pointed out that lion groups will not be able to hunt as they wish. We, as the state, consider the conditions for this, he added.

As an example of an area where the group could intervene, he mentioned the bottom of the Vejprnicki stream. Then the people from the group would be released and fishing would be allowed in the area for a while, he explains. According to Kse, in a similar way, there was a problem with wild animals on their land in Plzesk Teplrensk. It’s a classic hunt on shameless lands, he stated.

Another area where the city could take out its own vigilante group is KS Borsk park, where the area would be closed in cooperation with the city police for the duration of the hunt.

Visitors should note that dog owners should be aware of the possible presence of wild animals. A wild pig is not attached to a dog, but if the dog surprises them in the city of its shelter, it could cause damage, said Dagmar Kaiferov Svobodov from the Department of the Environment.

In st nad Labem, they introduced a new weapon for the numbered call (15 October 2021)

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