The gates of hell will open at the fort near Olomouc. It will be taken over by the Krampus show


On Saturday, November 4, the historic Fort XVII in Křelov-Břuchotín near Olomouc will turn into pure hell. A unique show for fans of alpine devils was prepared by the group Krampus Olomouc. In the impressive backdrops of the fortress, where even normally inaccessible parts will be opened, they promise extraordinary experiences. The trail with horror elements will only be for mortals who are made for fear.

Krampus Olomouc invites you to a spooky show. The gates of the infernal Křelov fortress will open already this Saturday, November 4.

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The gates of hell will open for the first time at 5:00 p.m., when two dozen krampusaks from the Olomouc and Brno groups will step out of their hiding places. The show in the fortress will also start at other times on the same day: at 18:30 and at 20:00.

“We have three dates so that it reaches everyone and people don’t crowd each other. The devils will move among visitors who can take pictures with them in the fortress area. The atmosphere will be completed by burning fires and beams, the entire space will be specially lit. There will be impressive music,” said organizer Martin Šuba, head of the Krampus Olomouc group.

Krampus parade in Advent Olomouc, December 17, 2022

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A horror trail for the brave

Those who are interested can go on a special trail, which, however, will require a greater dose of courage than walking among enthusiasts in scary costumes.

“It will have a spooky atmosphere, complete with horror sounds. And it will be one-way! It’s not possible to go back. I believe the visitors will enjoy it,” called the daredevil.

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Three meter monster

For Saturday’s show, the Krampus people prepared new masks. “The tallest devil with exotic horns will be over three meters. Another novelty that I invented will be bent legs with hooves – what a real devil has,” he explained the increasingly elaborate costumes.

According to the organizers, traveling along the path of courage is suitable for visitors over the age of fifteen. “Of course, it is up to the parents to properly evaluate whether it is suitable for their child or not. We will have a warning sign at the site,” said Šuba.

A procession of devils from the Krampus Olomouc group at the St. Nicholas allotment in the U Rockyho refreshment area in Prostějov. December 2022

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An attractive accompanying program is prepared in the fortress for Saturday afternoon and evening. For example, a forge or coin mint will be in operation. Refreshments will be provided.

According to the organizers, the interest in the show is considerable. The capacity for each of the times is 300 people.

“We chose this November date on purpose – it is the opening of the gates of hell. Tickets are still available for all times,” said Šuba.

The single entrance fee for the Opening of the Gates of Hell in the fortress in Křelov is set at 250 crowns.


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