Vala pleasantly shocked Pardubice. Three goals also brought a wild bet: no!


There was probably no one who, before the game, would have placed money at a bookmaker that Ondřej Vála would score two or more goals. The defensive back has never celebrated a hat-trick among adults. So in Olomouc, his piece really shocked.

After the battle, he smiled timidly, leading a thank-you party in front of the Pardubice cauldron, where his teammates pushed him when he wanted to join the ranks: no idea, screw it up, enjoy it!

“I’m not quite used to scoring so many goals, but the guys did a lot of work for me in front of goal. The first two goals were due to luck, I already believed in the third,” commented the defender on his dream evening.

A lot played with him as the team worked around the goal. Vála is not a back who invents and takes risks in blue. As soon as space opens up, everything rushes towards the opponent’s goalkeeper. The Pardubice attackers were excellent around the goal, both of his first goals were scored after exemplary confusion.

“Today was his night, with that mustache he looked like someone else,” coach Václav Varaďa commented on the unexpected hero’s three goals. Vála was involved in movember, so perhaps even the image of a seducer from the GDR may have brought him a handle.

“I think his role in our team is a little bit different. But it’s great that he did so well today,” nodded Varaďa with satisfaction. And he added: “He was able to deal with the heavy discs on the blue, he found a way to put them on the goal. He could have scored a fourth goal, he had a separate run, but he dealt with it as a defender. But he performed the repair very well.”

At the same time, it could have been a great Olomouc evening. For the first time, Mora pulled out a gorgeous third set of jerseys that is all black with red accents. Like a rooster straight out of hell! She also took the lead quickly, but as soon as Vála equalized and Sedlák made it 2:1 before the half, the magic of the new outfit disappeared.

“We gave an excellent team performance,” Vála praised the whole of Pardubice. And his hat-trick brought yet another spicy event. One of the Pardubice fans didn’t believe in his hat trick so little that he made a bet, which also immediately went on social networks. It sounded like this: if the Pardubice defender scores a third after the second goal, he will take off his clothes on December 22 and run naked in the O2 arena during the match against Sparta. Four minutes before the end of the match in Olomouc, Vála sent him a chilling message: you’re going to do it.

“Who bet? A fan?” coach Václav Varaďa raised his eyebrows. His face began to stretch into an amused smile, “If she was a fan, maybe the boys would be happy. It will probably be something else this way.’

So before Jesus. Maybe the Pardubice back will prepare something again.


Guests: 10:18 a.m. Vala, 28:30. Farmer, 42:24. Vala, 56:04. Vala, 57:32. Kaut


Homemade: Sedláček (Konrád) – Rašner, Ondrušek (C), Řezníček, Sirota, Rutar, Švrček, Mareš – Orsava, Nahodil (A), Káňa – Bambula, Knotek (A), Kunc – Navrátil, Anděl, Plášek Jr. – P. Musil, Macuh, Kusko.

Guests: Will (Klouček) – D. Musil, Čerešňák, T. Dvořák, Hrádek, Vála, Kolář – Říčka, Sedlák (C), Hyka – R. Kousal, Zohorna (A), Radil – Cienciala, A. Musil, Kaut – Mandate , Poulíček (A), Vondráček – Paulovič.


Kika, Cabák – Axman, Blažek


Olomouc Winter Stadium

  • Generals Playoffs
  • Generali Play-off preliminary round
  • Barrage
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