Silnias are prepared for winter. I’m going the easy way interactive map

Silnias are prepared for winter. I’m going the easy way interactive map
Silnias are prepared for winter. I’m going the easy way interactive map

We have also contracted an ide tractor, which we will allow in the event of heavy snow, assured Jaromr Kostka of Valaska Road News and Gossip. It is essentially a stable group of people who cover the whole country and help with the plough, he added.

For a better overview, the Directorate of Roads and Highways (SD) launched a web portal called Vehicle movements of winter road gossip. It shows a map with information on the movement of equipment or the time of the last inspection of individual roads and roads for the first time.

In the Zlnsk region, these roads are managed and maintained (SS), their scope spans the borders of the former districts. It is a bit of an anomaly in the German republic, but it turned out to be very functional, kf SS Kromska Vladimr Kut.

In the area of ​​the SS, before the ace, the overall finals of the agility ride and sprinkler car Cestsk rodeo took place. In time before the winter, the Indians memorized a very precise backlash between the stones, found the marks or practiced delicate work with the plowshares, when they moved the barrels from the marks on the metal mark. The vtzi was decided by accuracy, which they scored, and speed.

During the winter, ideally, use both. You have to deal with intolerant ideas practically every day, especially personal cars. Park in such a way that you block the roads and then the strong cannot pass. Or they drive in the middle and assume that the hail will dodge. Trucks with summer tires are also a problem, as they get stuck in the hills and stop traffic, including sprinkler trucks.

Behave with all members of the police force according to the rules, be considerate and disciplined to the best of your ability, says the deputy director of SS Zlnska, David Polek.

In addition to the SS, a private company and the SD, which is responsible for the roads of the first grade and the main road, are also responsible for the construction of the road, a total of 386 kilometers.

We have additional quantities of spreading materials in our warehouses, and the equipment is also ready, explained the spokeswoman of the SD Regional Editorial Office, Lucie Trubelkov. There are 6,400 tons of salt and 20 tons of salt that will be delivered. In addition, SD has prepared snow blowers, plows and tractors with plows.

At the time, they were equipped with technology and sprinkler material, and individual SS were also included in their competence, such as road maintenance, etc.

For example, SS Zlnska has 460 kilometers of roads, of which 265 kilometers are salted in winter and 195 kilometers are covered with inert dust. Eighty-five female workers are engaged in winter gossip here.

Roads and localities are graded according to traffic density and time limits are uncompromising. Trubelkov confirmed that the time from the obvious appearance of a defect in roadworthiness to the time of entry of the first mechanisms must not be longer than half an hour. The road must then be covered in two hours, the road in the first td to t. The problem is self-explanatory in the case of a permanent dream.

The best sypa ideas were heard in Krom (Jan 20, 2023)

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