Mora was leading, but then Pardubice overtook her

Mora was leading, but then Pardubice overtook her
Mora was leading, but then Pardubice overtook her

The hockey players of HC Olomouc failed to win the home match against Pardubice. In the 17th round, Mora led the first team of the extra league, but then the current game comfort of the East Bohemian team showed itself.

Olomouc started well. Kunc finished the game after just one minute, his hard attempt was neutralized by goalkeeper Will. Mora turned the activity into a goal. At 8:42, Rašner scored when he promptly finished between two opponents. But Plecharéna’s joy did not last long. After two minutes, Pardubice equalized. Only one goal was scored in the middle part of the game. To the sadness of the home fans, it was given by the guests. Until the last period, everything was still open. But then Pardubice showed that they are not leading the league by chance. They jumped to a two goal difference. Knotek could take care of the reduction. Then, in his own weakness, he got to a shot from the turn of Bambula, but he narrowly missed. Less than seven minutes before the end of the match, Olomouc won the first power play of the match. But it was not possible to use it. The final effort from Hanáka was in vain, Pardubice did not let the game go.

“We had a good start, which we took advantage of with the opening goal. When it was one or two, we went into the third period thinking that we would break it. It could have been tied at 2-2, but we didn’t take the chance. Then the opponent bounced, which broke us. After that it was difficult. We should have played sixty minutes, the fourth and fifth goals were very cheap,” said Jan Tomajko, coach of HC Olomouc.

HC Olomouc – Dynamo Pardubice 1:5 (1:1, 0:1, 0:3)

Goals and saves: 9. Rašner (Navrátil) – 11. Vála (Kaut, Musil), 29. Sedlák (Dvořák), 43. Vála (Kolář, Hyka), 57. Vála (Vondráček), 58. D. Musil (A. Musil). Referee: Kika, Cabák – Axman, Blažek. Exclusion: 3:1. No use. Spectators: 5251.

HC Olomouc: Sedláček – Rašner, Ondrušek, Řezníček, Sirota, Rutar, Švrček, Mareš – Orsava, Nahodil, Káňa – Bambula, Knotek, Kunc – Navrátil, Anděl, Plášek – Musil, Macuh, Kusko. Coach Jan Tomajko.
Pardubice: Will – A. Musil, Čerešňák, Dvořák, Hrádek, Vála, Kolář – Říčka, Sedlák, Hyka – Kousal, Zohorna, Radil – Cienciala, D. Musil, Kaut – Mandát, Poulíček, Vondráček – Paulovič. Coach Václav Varaďa.

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