The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller from Pilsen due to anti-Jewish signs

The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller from Pilsen due to anti-Jewish signs
The prosecutor canceled the prosecution of a kebab seller from Pilsen due to anti-Jewish signs

The server informed about the cancellation of the criminal prosecution.

“The supervisory public prosecutor used his powers given by the criminal code and annulled the resolution to initiate criminal prosecution against a Turkish citizen for defaming the nation, race, ethnic or other groups of persons, consisting in the fact that he placed signs commenting on historical moments of the Jewish people and inscriptions criticizing the world powers,” confirmed MF DNES, the head of the Pilsen public prosecutor’s office, Ivana Hostašová.

She added that in the actions of the accused, although in the current context it is a specific “decoration” of the establishment, neither a prosecuted crime nor any other criminal offense according to the Criminal Code can be found.

“We would like to point out that the named person was prosecuted exclusively for the above-mentioned placement of his opinions in the establishment, any other expressions of his opinions were not covered by the resolution to initiate criminal prosecution,” Hostašová pointed out.

He alludes to the fact that the 35-year-old store owner clearly supports the radical Palestinian movement Hamas on social networks, sharing photos and videos of its fighters, sending them prayers and sharing various appeals. The MF DNES is now investigating whether the police are investigating these facts.

Anti-Jewish signs appeared in the Kebab Sultan restaurant in the center of Pilsen last week. “These Jews are the people who killed even the prophets like sheep. For this reason, God cursed them. These Jews are the ones who call the pure Virgin Mary, praised by God, unchaste. These Jews are the ones who want to kill the prophet Jesus.”

The owner of the store confessed to the inscriptions, claims that he did nothing wrong, that he only wrote the truth that is written in the Koran.

He added that he was prompted to write by watching the news, in which he sees every day how many people he says are dying in the war because of Israel. He denied that Hamas was to blame, talking only about the bombs that Israel sends to Gaza, the attacks on hospitals and the dead, including babies.

He called Israelis terrorists, not radical Palestinians. “I don’t think Hamas is bad. I think that Israel is bad, Israel is still bad, it has been bad for seventy years,” said the salesman.

According to ČTK, the man comes from Turkey, but has been living in the Czech Republic for a long time and allegedly has a Czech wife.

It’s not a good sign, says the Jewish community

According to the Jewish community, the verdict is not a good sign, according to the chairman of the Pilsen Jewish community Jiří Löwy, the prosecution could deter others from similar manifestations.

“I’m not excited about it. In this case, it was possible to make ‘tytyts’, this is not done here. When the state that is supposed to monitor it says it is not a crime, it is not a good sign. Let’s hope it dies down, that it was a single scream and others won’t join in, perhaps,” said Löwy, who filed the report with the police today.

According to Löwy, the prosecution of the kebab seller could intimidate others who would like to act in a similar way. “Others who are afraid that they have violated something and that they may be expelled, they may take it and, according to him (the kebab seller), they may write some aggressive calls because they will know that they will not be affected for it,” he said.

According to Löwy, none of the other kebab sellers, Muslims or Turks who live in Pilsen have yet joined the foreigner accused by the police. “I don’t know about anything like that, rather the opposite, because for example the sellers next to the synagogue told me that they are all unhappy about it and that they are keeping their fingers crossed for us,” he said.

Signs against Jews appeared in a kebab shop in Pilsen (October 25, 2023)

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