The police did not ban crime lectures. There will be at least one more

The police did not ban crime lectures. There will be at least one more
The police did not ban crime lectures. There will be at least one more

The Pilsen Crimes lecture series, which allowed people to look under the hood of murder investigations in the region and which was of great interest to the public, has been suspended since October and the lectures are not being held. However, according to the leadership of the Regional Directorate of the Police of the Pilsen Region, this is a temporary measure.

He rejects fears that the cycle of lectures would end completely, even though, for example, similar lectures in the neighboring Karlovy Vary Region have also ended, and in addition the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic has confirmed that it is not very inclined to let the public be introduced to the investigation of serious crimes in such detail.

The lectures of the Pilsen crimes series, prepared by the Study and Science Library of the Pilsen Region in cooperation with the Regional Police Directorate of the Pilsen Region, started in February this year. Lecturer, captains Michaela Nosková and František Müller, revealed to visitors what the investigation of the murders committed in the Pilsen area looked like. The interest was huge, the tickets were sold out quickly, there were queues for the lectures. But the October lectures were canceled and recently the public learned that the November ones will not take place either. Concerns arose as to whether the lectures would end completely or whether they had been banned.

Source: Diary/ Milan Kilián

But the police refute that. According to regional police spokeswoman Pavla Burešová, the lectures had to be suspended until the end of the year, taking into account the workload of criminal investigators Nosková and Müller. “This is not a ban on this activity, which would be given by the management of the Regional Directorate of the Police of the Pilsen Region or other parts of the Police of the Czech Republic. It is only a step that corresponds to ensuring the performance of the service, which is, and always will be, a priority for us,” said Burešová. “On the basis of today’s meeting, we agreed that in the lecture activity within the project Pilsen crimes we will continue with the Study and Science Library of the Pilsen Region. We will hold the planned October lecture entitled “Body in the River” in January next year,” she added. Library spokesman Milan Říský also expressed his joy at the fact that the lectures were not completely over. “We are extremely happy for the cooperation and we are pleased that we can present the postponed lecture in January. We will discuss other options for a possible continuation,” Říský responded briefly.

Even the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic stated in its statement to Deník that it had not issued any instructions to cancel any specific lectures. It confirmed, however, that even during presentation activities, police officers must follow internal regulations (including the general duty of confidentiality) and that they are not too inclined to allow the public to see too much under the hood during lectures.

The criminologist publishes True Crimes in Pilsen, also describes the murdering brothers

“It is understandable, and clearly evident from the interest of the public, that police, especially criminalistic issues, generally meet with enormous interest. In these cases, however, from our point of view, it is necessary to have a clear boundary established, when it is a matter of presentation and simple spreading of the good name of the Police of the Czech Republic, and when it is a matter of providing such detailed information about our activities that it may be counterproductive to a certain extent with regard to our further the ability to effectively detect criminal activity. The very assessment of the appropriateness of the implementation of these activities, taking into account their content, is then fully within the competence of the directors of the individual departments,” said Presidium spokesman Jozef Bocán.

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