He masturbated for over two and a half hours in front of the camera in a hotel in Prague. Police are looking for a bald left-handed man


The incident happened on the night of October 8-9, but the man has not yet been found, and the police are therefore asking the public for help in identifying him, or to report himself to the police.

“An unknown man visited the hotel on Senovážné náměstí, but he was apparently looking for a place for his intimate moment instead of accommodation. Around midnight, he rang the hotel reception and a helpful receptionist let him in. He wanted to book a room there for one night, but he didn’t have any documents with him, so he sat down on a nearby couch and waited for his wife to bring him the documents,” police spokesman Richard Hrdina informed about the case on Friday.

According to the spokesman, the man spent a long time waiting while talking to the receptionist, after which he suddenly started masturbating.

A 74-year-old pensioner was fined for masturbating at the station

“The astonished woman pretended not to see him out of fear and was afraid that he would somehow attack her. After more than an hour and a half, the onanist visited the toilets and after a brief farewell to the receptionist, he left for an unknown destination,” mentioned Hrdina.

A man is suspected of disorderly conduct, for which there is a risk of up to two years in prison, because of a disgusting play in the lobby of the hotel.

“Criminals have secured camera recordings on which his actions are very well recorded. He is a dark-skinned man, aged around thirty, who has dark hair with prominent bald spots and angles. It is also evident from the camera footage that it would be a left-handed person,” the spokesperson specified, adding that any witnesses and information can be reported on line 158.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The man was drunk at the reception of a hotel in Prague.

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