The PR Club has launched a fight for the title of Speaker of the Year, favorites can be nominated until the end of November

The PR Club has launched a fight for the title of Speaker of the Year, favorites can be nominated until the end of November
The PR Club has launched a fight for the title of Speaker of the Year, favorites can be nominated until the end of November

The purpose of the Professionally Awarded Spokesman of the Year is to recognize professionals from the ranks of editors and editors of communication and external relations, PR managers, press representatives and the current intern of the PR team, for whom work is seen to be done in accordance with the highest standards of the field, explained the chairman of the Executive Committee of the PR Club Pavel Vlek.

He specified that professionalism, transparency, and ethics are the most important factors in the selection process, and he gave several aspects of the work as an expert in the field of communication.

The PR Club is accepting nominations for the Speech of the Year 2023 award until November 30 in the following categories: Best speech of the public and non-profit sector, Best speech of the private sector and PR of the year.

You must fill in the form on the website and describe the reasons for nominating a specific professional and the topic in the field of communication. It is also possible to nominate more adepts for the award, fill out the nomination form yesterday. In the PR category that year, only so-called in-house teams of individual companies, brands and other organizations can be nominated.

The finalist and recipient of the Speech of the Year award are selected by the jury very carefully, and in those rounds they are evaluated on the basis of the received documents, data and analysis. The discussion about the award in the individual categories lasts several hours and the jury considers the points of view in order to really select the best representatives of the field, explained the executive editor of the PR Club, Michaela Piiov.

She added that the discussion also touched on, for example, crisis communications that the nominees had to overcome over the course of the year, so that the decisive factor is the quality and strategic approach to communication, not the media exposure of which communicator and the topic.

The jury of the Speech of the Year 2023 award consists of 20 editors and editors of the most important media and experts in the field of communication and PR, who are involved repeatedly, and can thus evaluate the work of an individual in a long-term perspective.

Names such as Jaroslav Kbele, editor-in-chief of TK, Jan Cizner, chief editor of the economic editorial office of esk television, Ladislav ticha, press secretary of the Bezpenostn ​​informant service, Karel Hanzelka, head of the PR and press department of PRE, Dvokov Dana, editor of communications and press of the KKCG group, appear among the judges. , Tereza Zavadilov CEO, Patricie ediv Head of Communication T-Mobile, Jitka Nmekov Corporate Affairs and Communications Director Provident, Kamil Houska news and journalism editor TV Nova and others.

The jury will include a group of people from the Czech Republic, including Pavel Jna, press secretary and PR manager of the koda Auto company, who this year moved to the company’s global communications and won the Best Private Sector Speaker award. According to Miroslav epick, communications editor at the Vlkov Family Foundation, holder of the award Best speaker in the public and non-profit sector. And a member of the Hasiskho rescue corps of the Czech Republic and titled PR dark of the year.

The ceremonial opening of the summer ronk will take place in November 2024.

The award continues the tradition of the Czech Speakers’ Club, which has presented the professional Speaker of the Year award since 2003 in cooperation with the Chamber of Public Relations.

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