Trees, cyclists, parking and pedestrians. Litomyl after completion of D35 from Prtah

Trees, cyclists, parking and pedestrians. Litomyl after completion of D35 from Prtah
Trees, cyclists, parking and pedestrians. Litomyl after completion of D35 from Prtah

There are so many patriots in the city who are proud of its history and its appearance. But Mlokter was so crippled under socialism by transport.

In the 1980s, a typhoon power surge split the city in two. Their joint save two overpasses and one underpass. After the construction of the D35 highway to the northwest of the city, however, this road will become a regional road of much less importance.

Our vision is that two lanes will remain here. There are two lanes left, use somewhere for greenery, somewhere for cyclists, somewhere for parking. The road runs along the square, when you take the two crossings to the center, you are at the square in two minutes, said the mayor of Litomyl, Daniel Brdl from Generation 89.

He added that due to the construction of the road, the city will negotiate with the state and the region in the future to help Litomyla with investments. With rights, it will be possible to close after the transport moves to the highway, i.e. sometime after 2027.

Litomyl plays with the idea of ​​removing what is locally known as a scar on the face of the city for a quarter of a century. Architecture students regularly plan for the city what to do with the roads. According to the mayor, they created tricks and crazy things, but this bike is professional. In Norway, architects should present us with a general project, said Brdl.

In addition to green spaces and a cycle path, approximately two hundred parking spaces should be created in the direction of the historic center. Not in one place, there will be parking lots along the route of the I/35 road.

This will be of great help to the city. As one of the cities, Litomysl did not allow the construction of a supermarket on the outskirts, thus avoiding the dying historical center. Smetana namst is alive, full of shops, people and cars that can’t fit in the pizza place.

The city council abandoned plans for the construction of the parking lot five years ago with the explanation that they did not have enough money to pay for it. They didn’t even agree with a private investor. The return of the funds would be long, said the mayor Radomil Kapar.

Prtah died like a beer to the sled

According to the full councilors, there should also be pedestrian walkways along the city’s streets. In Litomyl, however, the court ruled that people will continue to walk for the newly built lions’ dogs.

It will probably feel more pleasant for people to drive on an overpass or an underpass, the intensity of traffic will not be low, the whole of Poland will be found here on the highway, it is clear that this will not be a local road, said Mayor Daniel Brdl.

Although it is certain that the trend will change, it is not clear when. It depends on whether SD manages to build the long bypass by 2027, as it is still doing.

So far, they are trying to get a joint land decision and building permit for the event. It could assume the first power, if the union for the protection of the goods of umperka filed a dissolution due to errors in the document. The SD is now preparing a memorandum, which would pledge that the defenders would win all decisions in disputed cases, and they would withdraw the dissolution. They are optimists in Litomyl.

It became clear that the SOP umperk had constructive comments and the SD intended to accept them, said deputy governor and former mayor of Litomyl Michal Korty (ODS).

Even then, of course, the year 2027 is not certain as the deadline for the completion of the road at Litomyl. Problems in building construction can appear anywhere else.

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