A house with an eye in the roof. In it, the Queen of the Beskydy shows off in her full beauty


Building in the Beskydy can be a real joy. Especially if you have a plot that offers a view of graceful but rugged hills. An investor from Staré Město near Frýdek-Místek had exactly such a place ready for a new building. And the result? A wonderful family home that will amaze you.

Night view from the garden of the new building in the Old Town near Frýdek-Místek.

| Photo: courtesy of Václav Novák and the Czech Architecture Prize


The Beskydy Mountains and the surrounding area are among the sought-after places for permanent residence. Behind it is the well-preserved surrounding landscape, which it dominates Lysa hora. It is not for nothing that this peak is nicknamed the Queen of the Beskydy due to its majesty and grace. Exactly in this region, and specifically in the village of Staré Město near Frýdek-Místek at the confluence of the Ostravice and Morávka rivers, an investor decided to build a property for the whole family.

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To create the project, the investor turned to the Brno studio UYO architekti, which worked on it in the composition of Adam Zezula, Kamil Zezula and Jan Skoumal.

How to solve the view through mature trees

As they stated for the prestigious Czech Architecture Prize competition, in which they entered the project, the plot for the construction of a family house was interesting from their point of view – the view to the south of the Beskydy panorama. But perfection was hindered by mature trees.

The house is one-story, but not quite.Source: with the permission of Václav Novák and the Czech Prize for Architecture

“However, the investor wished to have a one-story house. However, the views and vistas eventually became characteristic and controlling elements for this project,” said architects Adam Zezula on behalf of the UYO architectural studio.

As he described, the vistas direct a person when moving through the house – in the shorter axis of the house it is a view of the garden, in the longer axis to other green corners.

The massive wooden staircase is one of the dominant features of the house. It also partially extends into the load-bearing wall.

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An unmissable element is the “eye” in the roof. Stairs lead to it. It is also the only part of the house that is upstairs. The reason is simple. From such a peephole there is a panoramic view of the Beskydy Mountains, dominated by Lysá hora. “The kitchen is connected to the main living space, which brings generosity to the room,” added Adam Zezula.

The pool and garage belong to the new building

Inside, too, the house is designed very smartly, purposefully and cozily. The large-format windows, thanks to which the resident can feel that he is always in nature, will attract attention. The living room is connected to the kitchen, next to which the stairs lead to the kitchen, past the cleverly designed library.

This is what the kitchen looks like. Next to it is a staircase to the upper floor.This is what the kitchen looks like. Next to it is a staircase to the upper floor.Source: with the permission of Václav Novák and the Czech Prize for Architecture

There is also a swimming pool in front of the house next to the garden. There is a garage for two cars. The interior is decorated in light colors in combination with wood. After all, this is also very tastefully used as a cladding of a garage building.

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