St. Martin’s Geese? Read where and how much you can buy them in Slovakia


Deník found out for its readers where, for how much and whether it is even possible to buy a Saint Martin’s goose in these and the following days. On the following lines, you will find out not only the prices of frozen and fresh geese, but also on what date certain chains will sell geese as part of special discount events.

For example Kaufland supermarkets these days they have frozen geese for 160 crowns per kilo. They are imported from Hungary and a package weighing approximately 3.4 kilograms will cost around 540 crowns there.

The traditional St. Martin’s offer is not missing this year either in the Lidl chain. Starting Monday, November 6, customers will be able to buy goose thighs (CZK 429.90 per 1 kg), breasts (CZK 429.90 per 1 kg) and whole goose (CZK 219.90 per 1 kg) there, which they offer chilled, and they take them from Hungary and Poland. At the same time, interest is similar to previous years and depends on the date of the promotional offer.

The menu will also include ducks at the request of customers

In connection with the approaching holiday of St. Geese will have Martin in the TESCO chain on offer from November 8. “We will have the same prices in all regions throughout the Czech Republic. This year, in addition to geese, we will again focus on ducks and duck parts in the meat menu, last year we included them in the St. Martin’s menu for the first time, and this year we will repeat it at the request of customers,” TESCO spokeswoman Iva Pavlousková told Deník.

Saint Martin is heading to Slovácko. He will offer wine tasting in Uherské Hradiště

With the arrival of the St. Martin’s period, the interest in goose meat increases several times in the Globus chain. Sales of geese there this year are expected to be comparable to previous years. The frozen ones are now part of their bargain offer. The promotional price for frozen goose set for the entire Czech Republic is 159.90 crowns per kilogram. In the refrigerated assortment, they have goose at a price of CZK 249.90/kg while stocks last.

The last St. Martin’s geese at a price of 250 crowns per kilo weighing between four and five kilos from the farm Hodonín Fisherywithout a prior order, interested parties could buy on Friday, November 3, directly on the spot in the store by the Písečné pond, where one of the largest goose farms in Moravia is located.

Orders even a year in advance

And it is from here that Pavlína Kopecká, the owner of the goose farm, buys geese for fattening every year, this time in Žádovice. Extraordinary interest in freshly slaughtered geese is registered in this company from Slovácko in October and early November.

This year, they had roughly six-kilogram pieces on offer there and sold them at a price of 320 crowns per kilo. However, it is usually necessary to order them there up to a year in advance.

“For the goose sale period, from September to November, we fatten around 150 of them. They are already practically dismantled today (Friday, November 3, editor’s note). I will start accepting orders for next year right after November 11,” Pavlína Kopecká specifies to Deník, adding that they kill, pluck and disembowel something every week during that period.

To the Zlín Zoo for only fifty crowns? Starting next Monday

“It depends on how the geese grow, so for individual pieces we try to find a period when they don’t molt so much to make the job as easy as possible,” the farm owner describes the process.

They also accept people there for goose plucking for this period. It is manual work, when the turn comes in the finale to pull out the “sticks” with tweezers. “It is not difficult to fatten and raise the animal, but it is a problem to get it into the kitchen arrangement. One day the breeding will fail due to human labor,” shrugs Pavlína Kopecká.

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