A female passenger was killed in a collision between a truck and a car in Ostrava

A female passenger was killed in a collision between a truck and a car in Ostrava
A female passenger was killed in a collision between a truck and a car in Ostrava

“The truck was driving in the connecting lane from Novinářská street to Mariánskohorská, while the probable 37-year-old BMW driver hit the rear wheel of the tractor for unknown reasons, skidded with the vehicle, and subsequently the car fell off the bridge onto Novinářská street,” the police described the collision spokeswoman Pavla Procházková.

She confirmed that the female passenger died at the scene of the collision. “The other two passengers were taken to the hospital together with the driver. The police conducted a breathalyzer test for the presence of alcohol in the 48-year-old truck driver with a negative result,” she added.

During the intervention, the firemen had to stop not only the leakage of diesel from the tank of the truck, but also intervened mainly at the vehicle, which broke through the guardrails during the accident and fell from the bridge onto the other road. “Firefighters secured the vehicle against the fire and pulled out one seriously injured person with the help of a spinal board, who handed them over to paramedics. They then assisted them in providing pre-medical assistance to other injured persons,” said representative spokesman of the Moravian-Silesian fire department, Lukáš Popp.

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Rescuers spokesman Lukáš Humpl said that the woman died before their crews arrived. The other three seriously injured were men. “Patients were treated for head, chest and back injuries as part of pre-hospital emergency care. Two of them were in danger, the third was seriously injured. After being secured with neck collars, a vacuum mattress and other means, they were transported to the emergency department of the Ostrava University Hospital,” added Humpl.

Criminal investigators are investigating the accident, dealing with its circumstances and causes. In connection with this, he is appealing to any witnesses who were passing through the area at the given time and who could provide more detailed information. “We also ask drivers whose vehicle has an on-board camera to contact the emergency line 158,” added Procházková.

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