Stt is not prepared for the birth of many sick pensioners, experts say

Stt is not prepared for the birth of many sick pensioners, experts say
Stt is not prepared for the birth of many sick pensioners, experts say

Dad’s head works all the time. Both of them just can’t remember anything, they both start talking and then we all look at them. This is also how social workers talk with people who have been talking about their sick relatives for a long time. The girl used to talk about the blacksmith like this: Grandfather thought, he always casts two blacksmiths a day.

However, according to the experience of international social workers, many people really ask for money after their ancestors and ancestors. These informally born from ad families are the largest group of social workers who care for the sick in the Czech Republic.

For a long time, they stand mainly for the first external service in R, and they are informally using it. Jitka Zachariov, editor of the non-profit organization A DOMA, which provides 34,000 hours of care a year to the elderly or people with mental illness, explains how dependent they are on their family cohesion, the flexibility with which they have to provide food for their loved ones.

Non-profit organization for informal users

  • Peuj doma provides a toll-free line for borrowers on tel. 800 915 915, which is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., online courses, videos and user guides.
  • The Alphabet organization is dedicated to psychological help for the poor and other forms of help in those life situations.
  • The Union of the poor will help to improve the quality of life of the poor people.
  • The journey home enables the help of the mobile hospice for terminally ill and dying people in their natural environment. It also provides support for their blog.

According to Zachariov, the system of social, health and other related services is complex and opaque. An informal singer doesn’t even take care of his own needs, to the editor. This applies mainly to those who take care of the mentally ill at home.

At the end of the 21st century, according to the Estonian Statistical Office, a third of the population will be over 65 years old. According to the expert, this will bring with it problems for the economy, for which even the state and the household are not sufficiently prepared.

How to beat the quality of life

The long-term effects of dementia will be dealt with by Matj Kuera, a scientific worker in the department of social psychiatry of the National Institute of Public Health (NDZ) and a data specialist in the Destigmatization project.

It seems that the call is spreading to the health sector, especially towards primary health care. Although this capacity is relatively small, especially when it comes to sufficient personnel, it is estimated that they will not be sufficient for Kuera in the future.

According to him, the social care for these seniors is still insufficiently structured and will depend on current factors, including financial, available personnel and the first prescription. Advanced stages of dementia are, in their complexity, a great challenge for impacting the patient’s quality of life, says Kuera.

Stt will have a big wedding

The impact of basic human needs is thus transferred from the patient to the closest environment, i.e. usually the family. According to Kuera, the provider of social and health services is overwhelmed. This is reflected in the high financial costs of people with dementia, which economists estimate in the long term at tens of billions of years.

VR is currently more of a problem with the detection of dementia syndrome and in the late stages. If we were able to shorten this gap from experiencing the symptoms to the loss of property, we are able to significantly reduce the overall effects, says Kuera.

Vladimr Bezdk, economist and member of the National Economic Council of the Government, agrees with him. According to him, due to the shrinking population, the state will be exposed to growing fiscal demands in the form of pension payments, investments in the construction of new long-term pension capacities and subsidies for those able to operate long-term pension institutions and social services of a temporary nature.

Among other things, the draft law on tax concessional long-term pensions will help. According to Bezdek, pot shops could offer this for roughly one thousand crowns per month.

Involved in multi-source financial situation significantly improved. From an economic-breakeven point of view, the departure of economically active people will decrease in the near future, wage conditions in the social services segment will improve, the quality of services will improve, and tax revenues can also be expected. The fiscal impact of the tax concession will thus be positive, for Bezdk.

Stigma petrvv

The shrinking population does not only raise economic issues. In the Czech Republic, people with mental illness are highly stigmatized. According to surveys before the arrest of the Destigmatization project, 18 percent of people would not mind living with a mentally ill person, 25 percent would not mind working, 31 percent would not mind living in the neighborhood, and 34 percent would not mind being friends with a mentally ill person.

According to the latest data from the NDZ, which compared public attitudes between 2013 and 2019, there was only a slight improvement in attitudes towards people with mental illness. The researchers noted an improvement in attitude of three and seven percent.

According to medical experts from the scientific magazine The Lancet, who research the stigmatization of mental illness, such prejudices lead to the exclusion of individuals from society and to the denial of basic human rights, including access to health care, long-term care, or employment.

Stigma of mental illness is based on prejudices based on fear and ignorance and manifested both towards people with mental illness, who, in the case of the clinic, are objectionable or unacceptable characteristics, and towards the area of ​​mental health as a whole, when we consider stigmatization to be one of the main problems, for People don’t effectively take care of their mental health and don’t seek your professional help, notes NDZ editor Petr Winkler.

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