Stories of doctors. What the days in the hospital, ambulance, and ambulance really look like


Rescuer Milan BrázdilSource: courtesy of Milan Brázdil

Milan Brázdil, Member of Parliament and paramedic

Milan Brázdil works as paramedic he was in the air ambulance for over thirty years – twenty-eight years, after a hip operation he drives an ambulance in the Olomouc region. He has also been an MP for the ANO movement for ten years. “After being elected, I narrowed my lifeguard hours to 0.2, which means three to six twelve-hour shifts a month,” he says.

Sometimes they serve from Friday to Sunday, sometimes “only” on Saturdays. “It happens that I come to Olomouc on Friday, when the Chamber of Deputies closes at two o’clock, and I’m on the ambulance at night,” he elaborates. He is not forced into it, but it brings him pleasure because he helps people. He has to make a decision in a second, and he sees the result immediately, whether a person lives. It puts him in touch with reality, he points out.

Sometimes he doesn’t close his eyes at night, other times, on the contrary, there is only one way out. According to him, the ambulance it is also overused. On the other hand, he emphasizes that if a person suspects a heart attack, it is better to call unnecessarily than not at all.

If overtime is reduced, there must be more doctors, says Bohuslav Svoboda

With overtime it’s like where. Some have a classic eight-hour working day and the remaining hours are overtime. “We in the Olomouc Region, with some exceptions, on the other hand, have no overtime hours, we have 12 hours,” he says. According to him, many paramedics would rather serve 24 hours in a row and then have a day off, than two 12 hours in a row, when the day is already broken.

In the lower parliamentary chamber, it is a different, time-consuming job. Deputies work in several-week cycles. “Previously, the rules were given – this week the plenary session, this week the committees, this week is a reserve (useable as needed – editor’s note), this parliamentary one (MPs are among the voters in their district – editor’s note),” he calculates.

Now, according to him, it is impossible to plan too much, for example there is a lot extraordinary meetings. “However, people have already circled me three times, so I serve them both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the most urgent moment of their lives, when their vital functions fail,” he concludes.

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