Jablonec – Sigma Olomouc 1:1, the home team quickly led, Juli secured the lead

Jablonec – Sigma Olomouc 1:1, the home team quickly led, Juli secured the lead
Jablonec – Sigma Olomouc 1:1, the home team quickly led, Juli secured the lead

Sigma Olomouc tied the sweat behind them. And what about the teams who fall into the basement of the table: with Pardubice, Zln and now in Jablonec.

For the first time in this league season, Hank’s defense was missing the experienced stopper Ben, who was replaced by Angna. Former representative defender Filip Novk, who signed a contract with Sigma on Friday, started only on the bench and has to wait to return to the league after eight years. In the Jablonec base line-up, the tonk of Chramosta was spinning, only from the position of a substitute a week ago he decided to play in Ostrava.

Sigma Digao’s Slovakian goal in those league matches, in which he started instead of the number one Macka, he got only one goal, but today, in the first Jablonec action, Polidarv’s center fell out of his hands, and Tpnek immediately punished his mistake. For the right-back, it was only a kind of league goal, he hit more than twenty fives.

The home team continued to defend, but in the 18th minute, after Breite’s free kick, their strong defense got two players straight away, and Juli tried to convert the instigated attack. Sigma’s tonk ended his star fist that lasted five rounds.

The guest then had more chances, the flow was strongly supported by Chvtal from the right side of the defense, playing his 100th league save. On the other hand, Chhramostov’s niches fell into the offside trap. Captain Kratochvl again fouled the goal, received a yellow card for the season and will miss Jablonec in the fifth round. The home team also played for Polidar, who did not start the second half after being hit in the head.

The second half was much poorer in goal scoring. There was a fire between the estines, and if anyone got to the stele, it was a big failure. Olomouck Vodhnl had a shot close to the change, but his quick shot from the swell of the Hana goal was deflected away. Zorvan pecked him in the set piece, but defender Tekijaki kicked him out of the net.

The match ended with a belt, just as he did in the mutual duel at Jae. Stelnice’s team for Sigma is spellbound, they haven’t won there since 2005 in 16 league matches.

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