The tram line on Wenceslas Square will be built by Eurovia CS. For 1.24 billion crowns

The tram line on Wenceslas Square will be built by Eurovia CS. For 1.24 billion crowns
The tram line on Wenceslas Square will be built by Eurovia CS. For 1.24 billion crowns

Proposal in the form of Wenceslas Square with trams. Visualization: IPR Prague

The tram line in the upper part of Wenceslas Square will be built by Eurovia CS for approximately 1.24 billion crowns excluding VAT. Construction will take about three years. Daniel Šabík, the head of the communication department of the Prague Transport Company (DPP), informed about this on Friday. The trams in the upper part of the square ran until 1980, their return was decided by the previous city management. DPP anticipates the start of construction of the line in the spring of next year.

In this public procurement, DPP received bids from six entities, consisting of 15 companies from four countries. In the following days, DPP will conclude a contract with the winner of the tender, and the construction of the line itself is expected to begin in the spring of next year.

The expected value of the public order for the contractor for the construction of the tram line on Wenceslas Square was 1.252 billion crowns and the construction period was a maximum of four years. The DPP evaluated the received offers according to their economic advantage based on the most favorable ratio of the offer price and the date of implementation.

The bid price had 80 percent weight in the evaluation, the implementation date 20 percent. The best evaluated offer according to these sub-criteria was the offer with the lowest offer price and the shortest total implementation time, i.e. the lowest number of calendar days.

The deadline of 1,095 days, i.e. exactly three years, was stated by all six entities in their offer. The lowest bid price was 1,238,871,308.80 crowns, which was also the bid price of the tender winner, the highest bid price was 1,491,455,351.14 crowns. The difference between the highest and lowest bid price was more than 250 million crowns.

The following entities participated in the public contract for the construction of a new tram line in alphabetical order:



Gardenline s.r.o. + VDH as,

HOCHTIEF CZ as + PORR as + PORR Bau GmbH + Hans Wendel CZ sro,


Subterra as + OHLA ŽS, as + FIRESTA-Fišer, reconstruction, constructions as + BREMA, spol. s.r.o

Source: DPP

Compared to the original state, according to earlier information, the dormitories will be on the sides of the square and a promenade will be created in the middle. Workers will repair sidewalks and roads, plant greenery, repair the Muzeum subway station, and create an underground reservoir to collect rainwater. The city also plans to slow down the traffic of cars on the square, which will partially run along the tram tracks.

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