Return to the league after eight years. In hlav pod mm zahrani, to Novk

Return to the league after eight years. In hlav pod mm zahrani, to Novk
Return to the league after eight years. In hlav pod mm zahrani, to Novk

I thought I probably wouldn’t die. We talked with the trainer and because it was registered late on Friday evening, there was actually no chance to jump into the rescue from the arrest, said Novk.

I have to wait for the appointment, I hope it will be five weeks, my health and fitness are good, I’m not worried about that, because I’ve been full of thorns with Sigma for two months and the thorns are already there. I will be 100% prepared and at least I have found that rescue atmosphere again as a substitute. I have some mistakes in saving practice, but I think I will catch it quickly and start it again, at the age of 33, a paraplegic.

He made his first starts in the highest Czech competition in the spring of 2008/09 in Zln, from where he moved to Jablonec in 2011. He spent three seasons here and immediately at the start of five he went to Denmark to the club FC Midtjylland, where he celebrated the championship title, then wore the colors of the Turkish big clubs Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce Istanbul, most recently he was in the United Arab Emirates in Al Daza. The Czech and Turkish captain also played 28 matches for the Czech national team.

When was the final decision made that you would become the game of Olomouc?
About two, those days back. In the end, we agreed to do it the way we wanted, and I hope that all parties are satisfied.

Trainer Jlek about Filip Novek

I have to say that going on Friday afternoon it was a matter of chance if I could get to the rescue in Jablonec. When signing the contract, however, there were administrative matters that had not been completed before the deadline, so we could not afford to take risks. That’s why we clearly decided that we will go into this rescue without him and we will use the fallout and in his story. Otherwise, Filip is clearly prepared, he has been with them for at least two months, and I would say that even if he considers himself to have reached the necessary level physically, there is no problem with that. I think that the team worked in the cabin for a long time, it is a game with experience, additional information and how many times we have analyzed some saves together, always with interesting conclusions. From my point of view, it is a game that is especially prepared for the striker position, preferably in the defensive three, which would probably be his best role. But the problem won’t even be in the pole. And above all, it is Levon’s stopper, who was missing in the warm-up. He is calm, accurate, communicates with his teammates and has increased competition and pressure on the rest of the game. It is a tried and tested game, which is simply prepared and pesto, that has not played a sharp save for a long time. J him vm.

But you spent two months in Olomouc, why did you wait so long to sign the contract?
My goal was to get back into the game. Unfortunately, the problem was that I didn’t play the last half year in Al Daza. I didn’t even expect it to be such a problem for me, but in the end it was the main one who didn’t allow me to fall into a foreign angam.

So what was the last impulse that made you finally give up on the possibility of going abroad?
I wanted to have it closed about two weeks ago. But the clubs were pouring and pouring, let them go and so on. I was waiting for something, even the agency was calling me to go, but nothing in the field of God, or maybe even God, clicked. And I was actually determined for two weeks that if it didn’t work out again, I would sign it with Sigma.

How many clubs from abroad showed interest in you?
If I sum it up like that, then urit pt, but maybe even in that it was probing the situation around me. The priority for us, however, was that they wanted a game that was played and not one that sat and just thrashed for half a year. That is why it is necessary for me to play, to play time and to go and fight in that foreign country. In my head, I thought that I would go abroad sometime.

And what if you left Olomouc right away in the winter?
No, we have an agreement until the summer, that’s clear. And then we’ll see what dl. Of course, it will depend on how I play in the Czech league.

Did many of you go to Olomouc or any teammates Ben and Pospil?
Yeah, both of them. I’ve known those guys almost all my life, and it was that guy who gave me the impetus to come to an agreement with Sigma. But there’s a guy I know there, and I’m actually at home in Olomouc, it’s not far from the stadium, which was one of the reasons.

The first game after the official return to the Czech league was in Jablonec, where you spent several successful seasons and from where you bounced abroad. How was it for you?
Urinate fine. I really like it in Jablonec, I know a lot of people here at the club, and I will always come back here. I only remember Jablonec in good terms, we won the home games, we won the European games, what was said, was done and we could not bet on anything.

But the team-up from 2011 and 2015, when you left Jablonec, isn’t there much…
That is a fact. There is only Tom Hbschman in the team, Tom became an assistant, otherwise Martin Bergman worked as a press secretary and, of course, the owner, Mr. Pelta. We caught him driving past the rescue and we immediately exchanged words.

How did you see the save from the reserve bench?
even if we didn’t win, because we had the chance to score those points.

You weren’t far from that, because a few seconds before the end, he rolled into the empty apple tree, but he didn’t make it. How did you spend that moment?
I almost celebrated… I thought it was my turn. Unfortunately, the home stopper kicked it away just before the rain. koda, we could leave in great euphoria.

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