Slavia footballers will play against Pilsen to return to the top of the league

Slavia footballers will play against Pilsen to return to the top of the league
Slavia footballers will play against Pilsen to return to the top of the league

Prague – Slavia footballers will welcome Pilsen today in the 14th round of the first league. The Red and Whites will be looking to get back to the top of the table ahead of defending champions Sparta, who edged them by two points thanks to a 2-0 win over Bohemians 1905 on Saturday. The match kicks off at 6pm.

Slavia won the Vršovice derby on the Bohemians 1905 pitch a week ago and have not lost 16 matches in the top competition. She has been doing well against Pilsen at home for a long time, in Eden with Viktoria in the league since the defeat in 2014, she has scored thirteen times in a row. They are on a 24-match unbeaten streak at their stadium in the top flight.

Pilsen, on the other hand, is currently not doing well at home. She lost three of her last four rounds and dropped to fifth place. They are already losing 11 points to Slavia, even though they have a postponed match in Mladá Boleslav.

Karviná will host Ostrava in the Silesian derby from 15:00. Second-to-last České Budějovice awaits a challenging duel in Liberec after two defeats, where they have not won 19 matches in the league since 1996.

Statistical data before the matches of the 14th round of the first football league

MFK Karviná (12th) – Baník Ostrava (6th)

Kick-off: Sunday 5 November, 3pm.

Referee: Rouček – Hájek, Leška – Hocek (video).

Balance: 10 2-4-4 10:12.

Last match: 3:1.

Estimated lineups:

Karviná: Holec – Traoré, Krčík, Svozil, Antovski – Boháč, Moses – Memič, Čavoš, Iván – Akinyemi.

Ostrava: Letáček – Ndefe, Pojezný, Lischka, Kpozo – Buchta, Boula, Rigo, Ewerton – Kubala – Tanko.

Absence: Fleišman (club agreement), Mikuš, Zedníček – Takács, Tetour (all injured).

Disciplinary threats: Boháč, Budínský, Moses – Ewerton, Juroška, ​​Lischka (all 3 ŽK).

Top scorers: Akinyemi, Mikuš (both 3) – Tanko (5).


– Ostrava lost only 2 of the 10 mutual league matches so far

– Karviná won only one of 5 home league matches with Ostrava and did not win 3 times in a row

– After the return of coach Jarábek, Karviná won 3 out of 4 rounds and won twice in a row 1:0 in the league (last time in Pilsen)

– Karviná won twice in a row at home in the league and got 10 of the total 13 points in the season.

– Last time Ostrava lost to Jablonec 0:1 in the league and lost after 7 rounds

– Ostrava have not lost 3 times in a row away from home in the league and won the last 2 matches there (without conceding a goal)

– Ostrava was eliminated in the round of 16 of the cup on Wednesday after a 0:1 home loss against Zlín

Slovan Liberec (9th) – Dynamo Ceske Budejovice (15th)

Kick-off: Sunday 5 November, 3pm.

Referees: Machálek, Podaný, Antoníček – Berka (video).

Record: 46 24-14-8 81:39.

Last match: 4:0.

Estimated lineups:

Liberec: Bačkovský – Mikula, Chaluš, Purzitidis – Ghali, Žambůrek, Červ, Preisler – Frýdek, Tupta – Rabušic.

No. Budejovice: Šípoš – Havel, Matouš Nikl, Králik – Šigut, Hubínek, Hellebrand, Trummer – Skalák, Alli – Adediran.

Absence: Plechatý (injury), Kulenovič (uncertain start) – J. Hora (club decision), Ondrášek, Zajíc (both injuries), Čoudek (recovery).

Disciplinary threat: Doumbia, Prebsl, Purzitidis – Havel (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Tupta (4) – J. Hora (3).


– Liberec lost only one of the last 5 mutual league matches

– Liberec has not lost 19 times in a row at home in the league with Č. Budějovice since 1996

– Liberec won only one of the last 8 rounds, but did not lose twice in a row in the league

– Liberec won at home in the league last time after 3 matches

– Liberec defeated M. Boleslav 1:0 in the round of 16 of the domestic cup on Wednesday

– Liberec is the “king” of the league season with 5 tied results together with Jablonec

– Č. Budějovice won only one of the last 6 rounds and lost twice in a row in the league (without a goal)

– Č. Budějovice have not won away in the league 16 times in a row and this season they are the worst team in the competition with only one point

– Fukala (Liberec) can play his 100th league game

– assistant coach Č. Budějovic Zápotočný played in Liberec

Slavia Prague (1st) – Viktoria Plzeň (5th)

Kick-off: Sunday 5 November, 18:00.

Referee: Černý – Paták, Matoušek – Petřík (video).

Balance: 56 28-14-14 81:53.

Last match: 2:1.

Estimated lineups:

Slavia: Mandous – Holeš, Ogbu, Bořil – Douděra, Oscar, Zafeiris, Provod – Schranz, Wallem – Chytil.

Pilsen: Baier – Hejda, Hranáč, Dweh – Kopic, Kalvach, Bucha, Cadu – Jirka, Šulc – Chorý.

Absence: David Pech, Ševčík (both injured), Holeš, Kačaraba, Schranz (all uncertain start) – Durosinmi, Havel, Pernica, Staněk (all injured).

Disciplinary threat: Ogbu, Oscar – Durosinmi (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Chytil, Jurečka (both 4) – Durosinmi (6).


– Slavia lost only one of the last 12 mutual league matches and won 2:1 over Plzeň in the highest competition twice in a row

– Slavia have not lost 13 times in a row at home in the league with Pilsen

– Slavia have not lost 16 times in a row in the league and remained the only undefeated team in this season of the top competition

– Slavia have not lost 24 times in a row at home in the league

– Slavia has the best defense in the league with 7 goals conceded

– Plzeň lost 3 of the last 4 rounds and did not score or score a goal 2 times in a row in the league

– Pilsen lost the last 2 away league matches

– Pilsen coach Koubek led Slavia in the past

Coaches’ votes before the matches of the 14th round of the First Football League:

MFK Karviná (12th) – Baník Ostrava (6th)

Juraj Jarábek (Karviná): “We gave a good tactical and combative performance against Pilsen, even the goalkeeper supported us. When it comes together, you can beat any opponent. We set ourselves the goal of getting the first points away from home, which we succeeded in. Now on we want to build on that in the home match as well. We want to play actively and show self-confidence against Baník as well.”

Pavel Hapal (Ostrava): “Of course, Karviná’s win in Pilsen surprised almost everyone. She gave a good performance there. But just as she won the match, she could have lost it. They will certainly be encouraged by that success. After the arrival of coach Jarábek, they improved their defense, they defend well , they are aggressive in this, moreover, they have upwardly mobile players. But we are concentrating first and foremost on ourselves and going to assert ourselves with our own game. We want to be active and I believe that after two (unsuccessful) home games we will be able to be more effective in ending.”

Slovan Liberec (9th) – Dynamo Ceske Budejovice (15th)

Jakub Harant (assistant coach of Liberec): “The last time we met Budějovice was in the May extension. In the away match, we led 2:0 early, but the opponent turned the score around with three goals and won. We handled the rematch with Nisa very well, won 4:0 and advanced . Both teams wanted to play and attack, I expect a similar match on Sunday as well. It’s good that we made it to the round of 16 of the MOL Cup this week and remained on a positive note after the successful last league rounds. The opponent has a number of interesting players – for example, the skilled midfielders Hellebrand and Čermák, in the attack of the strong Adedirano with the mobile Alli. We have done well in the last two home games and we will do everything to perform well and add another win.”

Marek Nikl (Č. Budějovice): “We have to try to make up for the bad performance against Pardubice. We are in a situation where we need to score and collect points from away games as well. So far we are not doing as well as we would like. Liberec has form, we know that , he has done some results now. We respect his quality, but we are certainly not afraid of him. We also have quality and I believe that together with well-prepared tactics it will work on Sunday. We go into it wanting to succeed and score points.”

Slavia Prague (1st) – Viktoria Plzeň (5th)

Jindřich Trpišovský (Slavia): “It’s still the beginning of the league, not even the autumn part is over yet. We don’t look too much at the current standings and ranks, they will be important at the end of the season. We have another big home game ahead of us, in which we have to confirm the win against Bohemians. Pilsen plays big away matches well. She won in Zagreb, she also played a good match at Sparta. We know the Pilsen team, many players have been there for a long time, we also know coach Koubek. He is such a strategist, he knows how to prepare the team for such matches. He can typologically replace Durosinmi at the top Sick.”

Jan Trousil (assistant coach of Pilsen): “After two league losses, we want to score points. We respect the strength of Slavia, but if we want to stay at the top, we have to go there with the goal of succeeding. Against Karviná, we created enough chances to win the match. We mainly appeal for concentration in the end. We believe that against Slavia, even though it is a very strong opponent, we will manage to score goals again. If we score goals, of course we have a better chance to succeed. Every match at Slavia is attractive for players and fans. We believe that the atmosphere will be dignified on the pitch and in the stands.”

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