Weather forecast: It will get colder and it will snow in the Czech Republic


The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has released the weather forecast for next week. After a warm week, we are expecting a slight cooling with typical autumn rainy weather. But it will also snow in the mountains.

The hottest day according to meteorologists will be Monday, maximum temperatures will range between 10 and 14 degrees. In the morning we can expect a moderate south to southeast wind with a speed of two to six meters per second, in the afternoon and evening the wind will increase and bring a southwest to west wind that will be four to nine meters per second. We can expect gusts of up to 15 m/s in places. There will be showers in the mountains.

November 4, 2023 6:54 p.m

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On Tuesday, the temperature will drop slightly, the highest daily temperatures will be between eight and 12 degrees. The exception will be southern Moravia, whose residents will see 14 degrees. The sky will be cloudy to partly cloudy. We are expecting showers in some parts of the Czech Republic, and we will see snow at altitudes above 1200 m.

Source: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

The showers from Tuesday will spread on Wednesday and it will rain in most of the Czech Republic. In locations above 900 meters, meteorologists expect snow. The highest daily temperatures this time will only reach six to ten degrees. At night we measure at least one degree. The entire day will be accompanied by a moderate south-west to south wind with a speed of three to seven m/s.

Thursday will be warmer than the previous day. In some places we will see 11 degrees. The rain from Wednesday will ease, we can only expect showers, but it will still snow in the mountains. The lowest night temperatures will range from five to one degree, with reduced cloud cover they may even reach negative values.

From Friday to Sunday, meteorologists expect cloudy, partly cloudy skies. It will rain again over the weekend in most areas. It will snow lightly in the mountains, as it has throughout the week. Maximum temperatures will range from eight to twelve degrees on Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be the coldest, when the highest temperatures will be around seven degrees.

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