The opera diva always dreamed of a beautiful dress. In private, he wears jeans too


Award-winning opera singer Jana Šrejma Kačírková performs on international stages. She is accompanied by the best orchestras and sings lead roles in theaters, which is why dressing is important to her work. The soprano comes from České Budějovice and likes to return to Vidov, where she has family. You can also see her on the boards of the South Bohemian Theatre, for example as Margaret in the opera Mefistofeles.

South Bohemian Jana Šrejma Kačírková in a dress by Tereza Sabačková was photographed by Gabriela Kalista at the National Theater in Prague.

| Photo: Gabriela Kalista

South Bohemian Jana Šrejma Kačírková in a dress by Tereza Sabačková was photographed by Gabriela Kalista at the National Theater in Prague.Source: Gabriela KalistaAs an opera singer, you are often dressed in gowns and beautiful dresses or theater costumes. How do you enjoy alternating beautiful pieces?
Yes, I often wear beautiful dresses and costumes both on concert stages and on stages. I really enjoy it, since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a princess and wearing beautiful dresses and actually it still hasn’t gotten over me yet.

How many concert dresses do you have at home?
About thirty large evening dresses.

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Do you wear some repeatedly?
I’m lucky that I’m actually still roughly the same figure, so I’ve had some clothes for like twenty years. It’s hard for me to give them away, so I still have them all, sometimes I get them edited and altered a bit. I often change them, even at one concert I change clothes several times so that the audience has a visual impression. But I always try to make it thematically fine-tuned to what I’m singing.

Do you do your own make-up before the concert and choose your clothes yourself or does someone take care of your make-up and help you with your wardrobe for the stage?
It’s different, sometimes I get advice and make-up done, sometimes I apply make-up, comb my hair and choose clothes myself. I have a favorite salon, but I also like to wear clothes from other places. I am always made up, trained and dressed by professionals on stage in the theater, which is very nice.

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You also sing a lot abroad. Do you feel that women there dress differently than here?
I do not think. It depends on the person, some people care more, some less. Just like some people have more taste than others.

How do you dress in private?
I dress according to my taste and mood. Sometimes I have periods where I wear dresses, skirts, accessorize and care. Well, sometimes I just wear comfortable jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers and don’t worry about anything.

Illustrative photo.

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Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you’ve had for years and don’t want to give it up?
Unfortunately, there are too many of them, so I have a material problem with the space in the closet.

Was it your dream since childhood to become an opera singer?
I was lucky that my wise parents supported me in what I liked and at the same time allowed me the necessary education. I myself would never have thought that I would or could be an opera singer. I just loved and still love singing, and I made my name in this field.

How do you relax when you’re not working?
I like to walk, read, assemble furniture, visit polarium, where I draw energy and immunity and spend time with people who like me.

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