The four Sigh seasons indicate when to die. Iconic formation from Japan head to Underdogs’


When the name Sigh is mentioned among underground maniacs, epithets such as cult or legends are thrown. If we stick our heads out of the underground, awareness will probably be in style “that weird band from Japan that plays avant-garde black metal”. Both branches of opinion are valid. Already on November 9, he will bring his original music to Prague to dominate the Smích underground at the Underdogs’ club. Tickets are on sale on the website of the organizing agency Obscure Promotion. Sigh formed in late 1989 and early 1990 and their masterful debut “Scorn Defeat” was recorded for Euronymous’ (murdered Mayhem guitarist) label Deathlike Silence Productions, making them one of the country’s most essential exports right from the start. But their music is not classic black metal. Dark occult heavy (Celtic Frost influence) speaks strongly in their sound, but above all, strangeness, psychedelia, avant-garde and an eclectic mix of different styles thrown into an experimental guise, although their old school roots seep through the music. Despite all this, even today, after 33 years, they remain vital, which they convince with their latest record “Shiki”. the atmosphere, but also the word shiki it has various meanings in Japanese: the four seasons, the time of dying (these two are essential to Sigh), conducting an orchestra, ceremony, motivation, or color. In the past, Sigh have already performed at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic, but the upcoming concert in Prague will be their domestic club premiere. Their special guest will be the experimental atmo blackers Laster from Utrecht, Holland.

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