Rare stamps have a new owner. Kivoklt sold for two million


The stamp from 1932 with the image of Kivoklt was the most expensive piece of the auction and thus his most expensive item. The auctioneer expected the sale price of this stamp to exceed 1.5 million crowns. In the end, after a fight between two buyers, it was sold for 1.8 million crowns, including the purchase price of 18.5 percent.

I am asking for an auction of bacon m oekvn. As soon as I received PMO in the sle, it was above the window on the Internet. For the interior of the items, there is a retail price. We will have to wait and see the overall results, but for now we know that they will be very positive, said Petr Flaka, owner of the Philatelie Flaka auction portal, after the auction.

According to him, the auction thus proves that the domestic collector still has the opportunity to take part in his collection, as well as the investors who seek to add items to their portfolios.

Meziar Kivoklt. The stamp in a specific format will start with a starting price of one million crowns. It is an example with a left edge, which according to the available sources is completely unique.

According to estimates, there are only six or seven examples of this stamp. But there is only one with a left margin. Among the Slovak stamps, this is an exceptional category, it appears only completely in the drabs. It is assumed that he will not be able to sell this stamp for the next few years, Flaka from the Philately Flaka auction house described going to the auction for iDNES.cz.

Kivoklt was not the only item in the auction that was interesting for both fraternity and investment. For example, a Slovakian 1-koruna stamp in a very good quality was sold for the asking price of half a million kroner on Sunday. This is one of the rarest cross-stitches, it is estimated that there are only ten or five examples. The collector who bought the stamp, in addition to the price itself, paid a purchase price of more than 18.5 percent.

Tkorunov stamp. This is one of the rarest cross-cut petisks, it is estimated that there are only 3 to 5 examples. The starting price is 500 thousand crowns.

In addition to several hundred other items, the auction in the General House included an Italian Trinacria stamp from 1860, which is certified by the world’s leading connoisseur Giorgio Coll Asinelli. The model comes from a famous world collection and has not appeared on the market for more than 25 years. The starting price of this example was 950 thousand crowns, but in the end it was not possible to find a buyer at the auction.

TRINACRIA 1 Tornesse is a legendary Italian stamp from 1860 with the certificate of the leading world expert Giorgio Coll Asinelli. Only five unused examples are known in the world. The starting price is 950,000 crowns.

According to the owner of the Philately Prague auction house, Petar Flaka, there is a consensus among collectors that the most expensive pieces are the ones that cost less, specifically those whose starting price starts in the tens or hundreds of thousands. With them, according to Flaka, you get the smallest difference between the developer price and the retail price.

But you can buy an expensive one, they are unique. The owner of the auction portal added to iDNES.cz that the majority of buyers are collectors, who prefer to make themselves happy with five stamps rather than once out of fashion.

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