The Czech Republic has over 4,300 public charging points

The Czech Republic has over 4,300 public charging points
The Czech Republic has over 4,300 public charging points

6.11. – In the Czech Republic, 4,313 public charging points were registered at 2,313 stations, according to updated information on the Clean Transport website, which is based on source data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade as of September 30, 2023. The Czech Republic ranks 13th in the number of public charging points. place among the countries of the European Union, when 63% of charging points are registered in only 3 countries: the Netherlands (24%), Germany (21%) and France (18%), in these countries 66% of passenger electric vehicles with external charging.

“The Czech Republic is the 10th largest market in the area of ​​new passenger vehicle registrations in the EU countries, it ranks 17th in the number of passenger electric vehicles with external charging, and we are even at the very bottom together with Slovakia in terms of their share. Regarding the number of public charging points, the Czech Republic ranks 13th among EU countries. In EU countries, there are on average 12.1 passenger electric vehicles with external charging per public charging point, in the Czech Republic it is 6.7 vehicles, which ranks us 6th among the 27 EU member states,” said Jindřich Frič, director of the Center of transport research, and added: “From the data available to us, it can be clearly seen that the expansion of public charging infrastructure goes hand in hand with the increasing penetration of electric cars both in the Czech Republic and in other countries. However, thanks to the still relatively low number of electric vehicles with external recharging in our country, the share per public point is lower than in most EU countries. However, in some places, especially during exposed times, the stations may already be fully occupied, there is not only an expansion in their number, but also a gradual upgrade towards higher charging capacities. The contribution of the Transport Research Center is, among other things, the publicly accessible application Optimizing public charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic, which serves to identify so-called white spots, in which locations are selected for the location of new public charging stations, taking into account existing stations, their performance parameters and traffic intensities . The application is intended both for operators of public charging infrastructure and for the general public. Through it, anyone can find out in a simple way, for example, how far away they live from a public charging station or if there is a selected location for new stations in their vicinity or on the routes.”

A total of 120 entities operate public charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The most public charging points are operated by Pražská energetika (1,371; 31.8%), followed by ČEZ (1,200; 27.8%) and E.ON Drive (394; 9.1%). Other important operators of public charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic include Innogy Energo, ŠKO-ENERGO, Teplárny Brno, Lidl ČR, ELEKTRO-PROJEKCE, MOL ČR and Olife Energy Net.

The most (1,129) charging points are in Prague – 78% of them are operated by Pražská energetika, 14% by ČEZ and 2% by E.ON Drive. A total of 650 charging points are in the Central Bohemian Region, and 488 in the South Moravian Region. The fewest points are registered in Karlovy Vary (87), Zlín (95) and Liberec (104). Outside of Prague, the most points are available in Brno (292), Mladá Boleslav (189), Ostrava (107), Hradec Králové (82), Kvasiny (70), Olomouc (67) and Pilsen (66).

The input power of public charging stations in the Czech Republic exceeded 133 MW, of which almost 75% is accounted for by the largest operators (42.06 MW ČEZ, 41.97 MW Pražská energetika and 15.33 MW E.ON Drive). “Sufficient input power of public charging stations is one of the requirements of the Regulation on the Implementation of Infrastructure for Alternative Fuels (AFIR), which states that a total output power of at least 1.3 kW is provided for each registered vehicle in the territory of an EU member state through publicly accessible charging stations for a battery electric vehicle and 0.8 kW for a plug-in hybrid vehicle. In other words, the current performance of public charging stations is theoretically sufficient for approximately 103 thousand battery electric vehicles or 165 thousand plug-in hybrid vehicles. Currently, over 20,000 are registered in the Czech Republic. BEVs and 12 thousand PHEVs, i.e. According to AFIR, the sufficient power of public charging stations should be 36.4 MW (26.4 MW for BEVs and 10.0 MW for PHEVs), i.e. approx. 27% of the current input power of the public charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic,” added Jan Bezděkovský , Commissioner of the Minister of Transport for Clean Mobility.

Detailed information on the number of public charging stations/points in the Czech Republic is the content of the updated interactive report, which is available on the Clean Transport website here.


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