These variants of covid-19 are now the most rampant. Pay attention to the 11 main symptoms


Autumn is already in full swing and the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing. In addition to pirole, two variants are spreading more and more frequently in the world. People should pay particular attention to the 11 symptoms that signal the disease.

Although it might seem that the coronavirus is already a thing of the past, this is definitely not the case. In reality, the population is still spreading and mutating. The omicron EG.5 variant, which is also referred to as “Eris”, is currently attracting great interest among experts.

This is currently quite common, for example in the United States of America, writes The New York Times portal. Already in August, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as “of concern” and advised health authorities to closely monitor its transmission.

With the approach of winter, however, its variant called HV.1 is also appearing more and more. It has even become far more dominant in recent weeks. “Its advantage is only higher transmissibility, or increased immune leakage,” said doctor Dan Barouch. However, the properties should be similar.

However, according to experts, it does not appear that these mutations have any special symptoms or cause more serious diseases. Their only advantage is that they are much easier to transport. So there is no reason to panic at all. “There are the same symptoms that we’re used to hearing about with previous variants of the coronavirus,” KQED quoted doctor Peter Chin-Hong as saying.

But people should be careful and not take any of the symptoms lightly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights 11 symptoms in particular.

Symptoms of the disease covid-19 | Source:

Moreover, these are not the only mutations that experts are watching closely. The BA.2.86 variant marked as pyrola is also spreading around the world. Even in this case, however, there is no evidence yet that it is more likely than other omicron variants to cause more serious disease.

None of these variants have been detected in the Czech Republic so far, according to the report of the State Health Institute (SZÚ) on October 30. “In the Czech Republic, we cannot talk about the dominance of a specific omicron subvariant, but we detect variants derived from XBB.1.5 (note ed. omicron),” informed the institute.

You can get vaccinated against new variants of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic. You will learn more in the following report (10/2023):

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