Charms of the North? The aurora borealis was visible in Ostrava and elsewhere in the region


The aurora borealis is primarily a matter of the Nordic countries. However, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) informed on Sunday afternoon that this remarkable phenomenon will also be seen in the Czech Republic. Residents of Ostrava and people in other parts of the Moravian-Silesian region could thus see the aurora after 6 p.m.

Northern lights, November 5, 2023, Trojanovice pod Javorník.

| Video: Michal Stančík and Kejtí Piętoňová

Red hell in the sky? The unusual phenomenon was seen in several places in Ostrava, where there was little cloud cover. “If you want to try to see the aurora borealis, you can do so in the evening. In addition to low cloud cover, a good view over the northern horizon and a dark sky is necessary,” said the ČHMÚ social network X.

On the night of Saturday, November 4, meteorologists recorded the first major snowfall of the coming winter in the mountainous regions. illustrative photo

15 centimeters of snow fell in the Krkonoše Mountains and Šumava, and the Jeseníky Mountains were also covered in snow

Also known as aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and aurora australis in the Southern Hemisphere, the aurora borealis are stunning natural phenomena at both ends of the Earth’s magnetic field. These light shows are caused by collisions of solar particles with the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the emission of light in different colors.

Auroras typically create bands of light that stretch across the sky, and their intensity and colors can fluctuate depending on the energy state of the solar wind and the composition of the atmosphere. These breathtaking phenomena are best observed in the polar regions, where they are brightest and most frequent at night.

Ostrava-Vítkovice urban district from a height.

Dusk over the Ostrava industry? Two other large companies are in crisis

The aurora borealis is a fascinating reminder of the beauty and wonder of nature and has become a subject of admiration and study for scientists and amateur observers around the world. This phenomenon is rarely seen in the Czech Republic.


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