The Seril job fair is an event for candidates for jobs and companies

The Seril job fair is an event for candidates for jobs and companies
The Seril job fair is an event for candidates for jobs and companies

The first trade fair in Karlovy Vary’s Thermal Hotel was closed, the organizers noted a hundred people who took jobs from Ukraine. The second fair will be held on Wednesday, November 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Svoboda Cultural Center in Chebsk, then again on Wednesday, November 15 at the same time in the Sokolov City Center of Culture.

This year, workshops, workshops and advice on career growth and skills are being prepared as part of the fair. Employers can thus find out how to put together a resume or prepare you for an interview. An accompanying program is prepared for the stamps.

the number of employees is the same as in previous years. There were 700 people drinking at the Thermal Hotel, among which there were 50 people originally from Ukraine and according to them students and final years of middle and elementary schools, said Barbora Volfov, representative of the KHK editor, after the Karlovy Vary event.

Trade fairs help to connect local companies with potential employees who visit the locality. Enable direct interaction between employers and job applicants. It is an opportunity for both parties to get a better idea of ​​each other and establish personal contact, which is one of the prerequisites for a successful recruitment, said Lenka Mansfeldov, KHK editor.

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In addition to the traditional exhibitors at the fair, five representatives of companies such as SUAS Group or Witte Automotive. It is a very beneficial form of how to promote our company in the region and how to effectively offer jobs to young applicants, said Lucie laisov, recruiter of SUAS Group.

At the Karlovy Vary fair, the company succeeded in establishing cooperation with the students of Stedn umleckoprmyslov koly ceramics and slides in Karlovy Vary. They agreed on professional internships and internships. We are glad to be part of the fair, said Aneta Krnov from Witte Automotive. It was also noted by the Ukrainian defenders.

Martin Kasal, the press representative of the regional fire department, gave a positive review of the fair. We see the Seril fair as an opportunity to present the business and field that the fire department offers. That is, not only an entrance activity, but a comprehensive prison protection porn. Contacting hundreds of people is the most effective way to spread this meme, said Kasal.

According to the Czech Statistical Office, unemployment in the region is around five percent. In the region, even in the last monitored example, the largest number of people without work was in Sokolovskogo.

The new editor of the work, Daniel Kritof, wants to focus on digitalization and the abusive age (January 1, 2023):

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