Municipalities and cities in the region took home the Oscar for waste sorting

Municipalities and cities in the region took home the Oscar for waste sorting
Municipalities and cities in the region took home the Oscar for waste sorting


We know the places in the region where people produce the least mixed municipal waste. This follows from the results of the competition for the Garbage Oscar, which was won by three municipalities: Jeseník, Doloplazy and Bílá Voda from the headquarters of the governor’s office on Monday 6 November. Most of the awardees, including those on the other ranks, defended their positions from previous years.

“Mixed municipal waste is one of the most problematic components of waste, and it is highly desirable that there be as little of it as possible. This can be achieved by combining the prevention of waste generation and the consistent sorting of what is produced. The key to this is people’s motivation and good conditions in the village. That’s why we want to appreciate those municipalities that can create such conditions for their citizens and can thus be an inspiration for others. I believe that the cooperation of municipalities and following good examples is the way that will help us deal with the mentioned challenges,” said Martin Šmída, regional councilor for the environment, waste and agriculture.

The individual winners of the Waste Oscar within the Olomouc Region are proof that systematic work pays off in the area of ​​waste issues. The municipality of Bílá Voda has a long-term very low production of mixed waste, even within the republic. The average citizen here fills one to two 120 liter dustbins per year. In Doloplaze, households pay according to the amount of waste produced, which is an incentive for them to sort and save. The municipality has already achieved a sorting rate of over sixty percent several times. The city of Jeseník has also had very good long-term results, and was awarded for its work as an example of good practice.

“We are glad that the city of Šumperk, which is also working on its waste management, has reached below the limit of 150 kilograms per citizen. For example, as in one of the first cities, they tested the collection of gastro-waste from households here,” added Milan Havel, coordinator of the Waste Oskar competition.

Results of municipalities in the Olomouc region according to data for 2022

municipalities up to 1000 inhabitants

1. Bílá Voda – 330 inhabitants – 36.2 kg/inhabitant

2. Zborov – 225 inhabitants – 88.3 kg/inhabitant

3. Hradec-Nová Ves – 373 inhabitants – 105.5

municipalities from 1001 to 5000 inhabitants

1. Doloplazy – 1346 inhabitants – 96.3 kg/person

2. Dubicko – 1112 inhabitants – 109.0 kg/inhabitant

3. Orders – 1316 inhabitants – 123.3 kg/ob

municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants

1. Jeseník – 10,658 inhabitants – 134.6 kg/cap

2. Šumperk – 24,910 inhabitants – 149.5 kg/cap

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