The headshots aspire to a world record. Sixteen players received yellow cards for celebrating

The headshots aspire to a world record. Sixteen players received yellow cards for celebrating
The headshots aspire to a world record. Sixteen players received yellow cards for celebrating

The crazy event was planned by the club chairman Jiří Lasch during the half-time break, who, at 0:5, had a really bizarre motivation for his teammates to score the goal that the whole team had been waiting for since October 1, when he got his only three points in a 3:1 win in Radovesice.

“We were all sitting in the dressing room with our tongues on our vests, you’re losing 0-5 and you’re thinking how to motivate yourself. So I threw in a proposal that if we manage to at least score a goal after a month, we’ll celebrate it this way. And since we’re a cohesive team , the boys immediately agreed to it. Imagine waiting for a goal for several hundred minutes and perhaps five matches, it was simply spontaneous,” described the author of the truly unconventional celebration. “But we enjoy football, even if we don’t do well for several years in a row, we stick together, so I acknowledged that none of the boys rejected it,” he continued.

He was really taken aback at first referee Moses, who could not identify players without jerseys and write down who actually got the card. “I then went to see him, and after the game once more to the cabin, and told him that all the players should really be punished, so he shouldn’t worry about it,” he described the smiling experience.

I don’t recommend it for sons

The innocent prank, which was initially watched by only three dozen spectators, started to spread on social networks on Saturday evening with a copy of the minutes of the match, and Lasch’s phone started ringing. “I know about, Blesk also wrote something about it, this morning I still agreed with the editor from Mladá fronta. We didn’t expect that it would arouse such interest, we did it more so that there would be something to talk about in the pub, how it’s said,” the boss described a football address suddenly searched for on the Internet, which will certainly not be talked about only in hangouts in Litoměřice.

Terrible short circuit. The football player insulted the referee, and the whistle flew over his head

“My two sons play in Roudnice, I hope they don’t take an example from it,” Lasch concluded. “I know it was unsportsmanlike behavior, but we are otherwise a decent team, we are not even expelled. It was simply a spontaneous decision, so unfortunately there is no photo or video of it, which is perhaps a bit of a shame,” he regretted.

Reactions of others

In the end, the unusual celebration also amused the opponent’s team, which had an understanding of the opponent’s actions. “We had a kick-off after the match, and Tomáš Cetnar from the opponent’s team, whom I know from Přestanov, was already sending me some screenshots that journalists from all over the country were calling them,” recounted Martin Charvát from the home Libochovan team.

“We were also surprised at first, I personally have never encountered such a curiosity before. But the referee dealt with it quite quickly, pulled out a yellow card, pointed to all the players one by one, and in about two minutes the game continued,” he described the bizarre situation with by the fact that he was amused by his opponent’s gesture. “Otherwise, it was a decent match and a fair opponent,” he added, adding that he wished the Úpohlavs the current moment of glory.

“It’s definitely better than having to deal with some fights and similar things. It’s a bit funny, but I’m not completely in favor of it, at first it shocked me a lot,” added Jan Novotný, head of OFS Litoměřicko. “On the other hand, you can see that this is a group of guys who really like football and have fun with it. And at least thanks to them, some people will now find out where Úpohlavy is,” he finally added with a slight smile.

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