Invincible as a cake, the librarian from Bohdkov is the best in the region

Invincible as a cake, the librarian from Bohdkov is the best in the region
Invincible as a cake, the librarian from Bohdkov is the best in the region

Great work not only with the books, but especially with the shade, she won the title of Librarian of the Year in the Olomouc Region. I appreciate you very much. It’s motivation for me to work harder, k.

The journey to the Regional Library Olympiad was not pm. I got into library management like a blind man into a violin. I originally joined the town hall on an agreement for a different position, which was, among other things, the library in the settlement of Rakov. After the construction of a new library near the town hall, it was clear that I would move it, books.

She actually moved back to her childhood. As a child, I was in the library in the nearby Rud nad Moravou practically under, I was constantly reading, the librarian recalled.

For a woman who is not trained as a librarian, the job was a bit of a challenge, because she was provided with new, modern premises that many librarians only let me know about.

That’s what it was all about. I didn’t want to disappoint. Thanks to the space and the new monasticism, I gained tremendous motivation, l Kobzov.

The library is not inflatable

She immediately started working on the book fund. I asked about children’s and adults’ names, I carried books from the library centers in the umperka. For me, there was a big problem with binding old publications. As a true librarian, I am very sorry, but the library is not inflatable. I am very proud of old books, especially when you can tell that they have been through the hands of many people, he describes.

Award-winning librarian Hana Marie Krnerov’s most popular two-part historical novel at the moment is The Sign of the Snake and The Sign of the Yearling.

Mui according to n prioritize historical titles. Their most stupid author is Vlastimil Vondruka. Among women, the most popular book at the moment is the church by Karin Lednick, women also like books by Tni Keleov-Vasilkov or Katarny Gillerov, ed.

For children from Bohdkov, Ddekv vel tk by David Walliams or Psenci and the errant asteroid by Vclav Dvok score the most.

For most of the loan, she began to follow her predecessor. One gentleman read the book in 2011 and after many reminders from the former librarian and me, he waved it away eleven years later, note.

Cultural center

I have one piece of advice for children and adults who go to the Bohdkov library to borrow books: If the beginning of the book does not appeal to someone, I recommend at least page seven. There is a stamp for libraries. It will work out eventually, and the people will continue to do so.

She has been working in the library for two years and during that time she has transformed it into a cultural, social and educational center of the village. In short, it’s not just about reading and returning books, but also about talks, lectures and events for children, like your Halloween. rounds in the library regularly, he explains.

Nov bohdkovsk library is graduated according to need. Shelves with books can be moved. We will write the letters from the meeting of the town hall, which is next door to the library, and we have a post office, he explains.

This year, 31 events took place in the library and it was very popular. I listen to children and adults, what they like, but I wouldn’t organize anything, I don’t judge, I’m clear. It’s not just about his ideas, or his ideas, but he gets inspiration from elsewhere.

For example, Halloweensk ifrovaka was created in the library in Kostic in Beclavsk. When it works elsewhere for a while, it works here too, says Kobzov.

Graphic artists humorously painted the New Building of the National Technical Library (2009)

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